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Cake, Web design and Celebrations | The Intern’s Diary

This week we had another Bank Holiday. Yay! So my week was pretty short but I still got a lot of stuff done. It included a lot of Web Design, adding of products on Magento, eating sweets and celebrating Tasha’s anniversary.

My week in 300 words

First of all, I continued sending out Emails to the retailers in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. I started last week and asked them to send us some more up to date information for the website. Since then I’ve been working on it, updating and changing the listings.

On the same day I also got a very important task. I had to add more than 100 products to a new website that we’re creating for a pharmacy. I got a small introduction from our web designer via Skype and got to work. I’ve worked with Magento before and found it pretty difficult to work with. Yet this time it was easier, because the process is straightforward and I finished adding the products in two days.

Thursday was a pretty busy day as I was working on a website adding links and changing the pictures. The pictures were all blurry and I realised that even though the quality of the pictures was good before, after adding text to it or editing it, you should make to sure to save it with high quality as well. Otherwise they will become blurry and no one likes blurry pictures on websites, right?

Cake and sweets

By the way, my begging for cake was successful. Kind of. Dan brought us some buns last week and this week we got even more sweets, because Feds came back from Italy bringing back Torrone and delicious Italian chocolate. So this should be enough for at least a couple of days.

Check out the pictures on our Instagram.

Buns - Intern's diary Startegy Plus

Another exciting event this week was Tasha’s 1-year anniversary of working for Strategy Plus so we’ll all treat ourselves to some Peel & Stone Lunch today and celebrate!

PS: The ex-intern Feds has now her own blog section, make sure to check out her first blog post: Top SEO Tools!