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Inbound marketing is all about listening to your target market and creating useful content to engage your customers. But it can often be difficult to know where to start when planning an online marketing campaign and implementing an inbound marketing methodology. For this reason, you can read our archive of articles about everything inbound…

How to create a successful landing page to draw in prospects

The most successful landing pages are simple and resonate with the right audience.

Below, we’re sharing tips on how you can take your landing pages to the next level to draw in prospects. We’ll show you how to use headlines, colour, copy, and placement to create the perfect landing page!

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Has your website got a Thank You Page?

Hmm, what’s a Thank You Page?

At some point, you would have come across a thank you message online. These range from “Thanks for your enquiry, we’ll get back to your shortly” or “Thank you for your order, you will receive confirmation shortly”. This may seem very polite and worthwhile, however, you have pretty much said, “Thanks, we’ll be in touch”. Rather than made the most of this most sought after website visitor, or as we call them, a lead!

This is someone who has expressed an interest in whatever it is that you are offering, a piece of content, a quote, a product etc. Therefore don’t just leave them hanging! Offer further relevant pieces of content, information and possibly gain more of an insight about them and what they’re looking for.  If you feel you have nothing else to offer and this is one happy customer, then why don’t you suggest sharing it with the world via Facebook, Twitter, email and the other wonders of the world wide web.

Here’s the difference between a thank you message and a thank you page from the Inbound specialists Hubspot….

Hubspot Thank You Page vs Thank you message

….and here is the ideal Thank You page anatomy

Thank you page layout

Here’s an example of what I mean, based upon creating content for a firm of accountants and business advisers;

You have written a piece of content about how to grow your business and save time. In order to get this piece of information, a form needs to be completed. Once this is done they land on a page with a number of related articles and pieces of content. One of them being Save time by automating your accounts. You now know they are concerned about growing their business, saving time and more specifically automating their accounts.

If the Thank You Page hadn’t been created, the information you have had on that person would be vague. However, if the first piece of content was all they needed, then they would be happy and have the ability to share that with their friends.

Please remember you have worked very hard to convert this person, please let it go to waste. Keep your audience engaged and find out more about them to ensure you deliver exactly what they want. Don’t leave it to your competitors.

Content Marketing in 2017

Wouldn’t it be great to peek inside the minds of great marketers and borrow their brilliant ideas?

Thought so, here’s a video with the Rand Fishkin, Larry Kim, Benji Hyam, Sam Mallikarjunan, and Sujan Patel.

Within just 5 minutes you will get a great insight to how Content Marketing will evolve in 2017.

What I have taken from it, is that your content should focus on very specific issues, concerns and interests your buyer personas will be facing. Rather than “how to grow your business?” it should be “How to save time for a growing business by automating your accounts” or “managing social media for a growing business”.

Hope this helps!

What are the Benefits of SEO for your Business?

SEO benefits for your businessSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the act of analysing and editing your website to increase your ranking on search engines. But have you wondered why this is beneficial to your business? How does an SEO strategy make your website more powerful? Below, we have listed five reasons why we think SEO is beneficial. Continue reading

Sun’s out! Make your brand work (even when you’re not)

Building your brand whilst enjoying the sun

Building your brand whilst enjoying the sun

I may be jumping the gun here but it seems like summer has arrived – even if only for a short while. This means there is a clamber to get out of work and into the sunshine. For some of us, however, there may be a little feeling of guilt; the idea that we are missing out on business, things aren’t getting done or others are getting head of us whilst we top up our non-existent tan.

Here are just a few ways in which you can reduce the guilt and make sure your brand is still working for you whilst you’re out of the office….

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4 reasons why your business might not need a website


At Strategy Plus, we design and build websites for businesses of very different sizes across many different sectors. So it may come as a surprise that we’re suggesting your business might not need one. You might be a bit confused given that setting up a website is often one of the first things you’re advised to do. But there are a number of reasons why having a website built might not be the best investment in the short term.

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Online marketing DIY list for SMEs

online marketing DIY for SMEs

It’s commonplace for small businesses to try their hand at various different roles within a business rather than outsource to costly suppliers. However, there are some areas that remain outsourced because the subject matter makes them nervous; accountancy, IT and maybe even online marketing.

Now, there may be areas SMEs will never be able to get stuck in to such as website programming and coding. But a large proportion could – in fact – be done in house. Here are just a few lists of tasks you can carry out in various different departments when marketing your business online…

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5 ways your employees can improve your online marketing

employees can help improve your online marketing strategy plus

There is a lot of data floating around the internet that tells us quality content is what drives search results. However, not all businesses are taking full advantage of this opportunity. Some businesses will be paying for ‘search only’ content, which is not fit for human consumption (so to speak!). These are ‘technical’ posts designed with one goal: getting ranked higher in searches.

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