How do you Rebrand on Social Media?

As mentioned in Dan’s blog, we are currently in the process of rebranding our brand. This not only includes the logo and website but social media too. So we thought we would share a blog on the top 5 tips on how to rebrand your social media accounts. Here goes!

  • Plan
    Whilst you’re waiting for your site to go live there are a number of things you can do to prepare. This is especially essential if you are planning to change your name. As you will be allowing yourself the time to find out whether the handle you need is available and to claim it. Some companies even claim alternative names a crazy two years in advance! We would advise that you have documentation of the changes that are going to be needed ready. Such as a detailed list of what needs to be done.  So then on the day that you announce the changes, your life can be made that much easier and nothing is forgotten.
  • Update
    To incite curiosity into your followers, let them know that something interesting is coming up. Maybe even offer a little sneak peak of the rebranded logo or website, This will allow you to build up a healthy interest for the rebrand in your followers. Maybe even have them itching for more information. If like us, you use a variety of social media platforms, then make sure each one is updated either the night before the relaunch, it is automated or it is done early in the morning when most people won’t be looking. This will allow you to have everything to be ready for when you announce the change.
  • Introduce
    Similar to what Dan has done in a previous blog, introduce and explain the new brand. Answering a number of questions, customers are likely to have. Such as – Why have you opted for a change now? What does it mean for you, your customers and your prospects? If you have changed the name of your company, it is always a good idea to name the former one in your bio. Maybe even create a poll or competition on social media to not only make your customers aware that changes are coming but to also get them involved. Perhaps to ask them what they think of the re-brand.
  • Listen
    By doing polls, you are likely to receive feedback. Most people are hesitant to change so you may receive a copious amount of feedback. Use this wisely and listen. Hear what their concerns are and see if you can rectify it. Don’t rush it, if a bad job is done that could lead to bounce backs, which Google may penalise and rank the website lower than before. Leading to a reduction in traffic and even revenue. Not what anyone wants.
  • Consistency
    To ensure that your identity is not lost, ensure all your profiles align with the rebrand. The obvious is the website, social media, blogs, email marketing and even business cards. But also think about email signatures, online directories, Google, LinkedIn, Yelp and even Google +. This consistency really goes without saying but you will be surprised at how many companies will change their branding on one platform but not another.

By doing the aforementioned steps, we don’t see why your rebrand won’t be a success. It may be a stressful time and it may take a little longer than expected but it will be worth it. We promise!