Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

The handover | The Intern’s Diary

Now that Feds is an official full time member of the team, Strategy Plus could use another intern. And here I am! From now on I will keep you updated about my daily challenges and achievements.

About me

I’m Anna and I study Business Administration in Germany. You might ask yourself how I ended up in Birmingham working at Strategy Plus. Well, a year ago I realised that I want to study abroad and so I applied for ERASMUS and was offered a spot in Coventry University. I packed my suitcase (and a huge parcel) and left. Since Coventry is a student city, I had a lot of fun and had the best time ever. Aside to the fun I got my head down and studied hard!

Time passed quickly and I realised that I had to think about my future. I had to get an internship in order to finish my degree so I searched all the job offer websites but found nothing suitable for me. Even though my course is about Business, my main focus is on Marketing. I had several modules that dealt with traditional marketing techniques but I wanted more. More creativity and more innovation. I created a kick-ass CV and covering letter and started looking for Online Marketing Agencies in Birmingham. Dan answered me and long story short, I started as an Intern on 03. April.

The first day I came to the office, I got to know the team and instantly fell in love with the office-doggies Bear and Doris. As I’ve never been to the Jewellery Quarter before, it was also interesting to see so many Jewellers in one place. During the day, Dan had to sign some papers for my university, because you know Germans and their obsession with documents.

What I have learned so far

My first week was pretty relaxed and I concentrated my efforts on the Jewellery Quarter website. Strategy Plus created the site when they moved to the area in 2005 and continued to manage it and its social media to promote the area. I’ve been not only been updating the listings but also Dan asked me to write a blog post about Cocktails and I panicked a bit. I Personally thought that I’m not a big fan of blogging but it turned out to be pretty cool and not as difficult as I thought. To get to know the area a bit better, I went outside and took some pictures of the Jewellery Quarter and I can show you some here.

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter
Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

The second week was a bit more intense. I started working on the new Strategy Plus website because we have to keep up with the times! Adding the content is easy but making it look appealing is far more difficult and it took me some time to figure out how to work with WordPress. The next couple of weeks I’ve been working on it and I am certain that it’s going to be more modern and up to date. It will be published very soon, so you can definitely look forward to it!
Moreover, I learned how to create newsletters on Mailchimp and sent out one for the Jewellery Quarter.

This week I posted another blog article about Relaxation and Working out in the JQ. I wish I had the time and motivation to work out, however, my body doesn’t agree with me. BUT due to my commute from Coventry to Birmingham every day, I finished 2 books of George Orwell and started reading “The Girl on the Train” so that’s something!

We’ll see what’s going to happen next week. I’ll keep you updated!


PS. I really hope I will get the cake, that Feds never got. I am far more obsessed with cake than she is.