What Is a Rebrand?

More often than not, we’ll experience the feeling that something is lacking in our lives and due to that we’ll change something. Be it something simple like a new haircut or actually going along to that class we said we might try out, or something a little bolder like having to say yes to everything for a day. Essentially, we rebrand ourselves – and without getting too deep – we rebrand our life.

However, in this case, the rebrand we’re focusing on is tied to what a rebrand is for an organisation – our organisation.

The simple definition of a rebrand is giving your existing product/organisation a whole new look.* This may include, but isn’t limited to, changing the brand name, the logo, any packaging and visuals, the way you answer the phone and any other touch point of your brand so to revitalise your organisation and make it relevant.

What do we mean by making it relevant, you may ask. When thinking of branding, this isn’t subject to your logo and colour scheme. It’s the tone of your writing; it’s how you answer the phone; any signatures on emails that are sent out; how you present yourselves on social media. It’s more than a website, and when any of the above changes, you are no longer consistent with your brand – you are not relevant to your demographic.

Take us, Strategy Plus, for example; our current website, whilst a drastic improvement from some years ago, is no longer relevant to us.

The current Strategy Plus website

Our office, like our website, is in the midst of a revamp. We have hired new staff, changed our office layout and are putting more effort into our Instagram account!

As you can see, our current website it’s quite busy, but not only that, half of the information is below the fold. Visitors to the website won’t know where to look first.

The solution? Rebranding the website!

Our brand-spanking-new rebranded website!

It’s modern, visual, and to the point! While we’re yet to go live, the great thing about the new landing page is the lack of text and its sleek design. We’ve even changed our infamous shade of green.

Did you know it’s our 20th anniversary this year? If that’s not a valid excuse for a company rebrand, we’re not sure what is.

As the reveal to the new website draws near (this is just a snippet) have you thought about rebranding your website? Take a look at Dan’s blog to find out when it’s the best time to rebrand your website.

*Source: Collins Dictionary