Twitter is a really brilliant platform to use for interacting. Brands can use it to talk with both customers and journalists as well as Public Figures and Institutions. By the way, their comebacks can be a little – shall we say – ‘full on’. It can be just a little too tempting to post a sarcastic reply to customer complaints or Institutions. And often it’s the big boys that play this game – Burger Kings, Greggs,  Pizza Hut, O2, Tesco, Cadbury’s. Here are some of the funniest (and unexpected) comebacks we’ve seen on Twitter…


Leeds United prefer Dominos! But Pizza Hut…

If you want to score a goal, you need to be fast. And the Leeds United Football Club know that really well. The British football club couldn’t accept what Pizza Hut said and they replied,“ Prefer Dominos, thanks!” But Pizza Hut scored their own goal when they tweeted back:

With this answer, we think that Pizza Hut came top of the leaderboard!


Donald Trump’s investment in new Burger King recipes

Despite having a “first rate education,” even Donald Trump isn’t immune from the typos that plague us all (thanks AutoCorrect!) Apparently, he took time away from building the wall to concoct a new meal for the players of the National Champion Clemson Tigers: Hamberders. After this wonderful tweet, Burger King didn’t waste any time to rib Mr President.

Do you want fries with your Hamberders?


Piers Morgan against Greggs:

On Twitter, the complaints come from also from Journalists. The opinionated TV presenter appeared to be furious at the idea that a pastry containing no meat or dairy would be for sale. The answer from Greggs didn’t take long to arrive…

When will Piers Morgan learn that his opinion doesn’t apply to everybody? Probably when pigs can use Twitter.


Getting dating advice from O2


Ahhh, James Rhodes. 246 texts later and she still hasn’t given you an answer. We’re actually starting to sorry for this guy… But O2 have a valid point; why send the same text to 1 person when you could open up your horizons and send it to 246! Our opinion? Move on James, accept the answer and become best friends with the O2 guy…


Hulk Hogan: 12-time WWF World Champion, an exceptional athlete, actor and… Sainsbury’s employee?



A customer enquired about his chicken sandwich and whether or not a certain Mr. Hogan had adopted the duty of crushing the poor thing. Sainsbury’s felt this was a fair complaint; they’ve now employed the Ultimate Warrior instead. Now, imagine Hulk Hogan with his bandana, sunglasses and moustache in a Sainsbury’s uniform. Look anything like this? 

Hulk Hogan: Sainsbury's sandwich manager

Hulk Hogan: Sainsbury’s sandwich manager

That picture haunts us. We’re not quite sure which is worse; him in the uniform or our Photoshop skills?


Tesco tells a joke


We love this; it’s the most basic answer they could’ve given but one of the funniest. Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons all lock horns over being known as the top stop in supermarket shopping. This was Tesco’s best opportunity to give a quick dig at their rivals. They did and it’s brilliant.


When Lib Dems is too busy to run the country


It’s always good to see parties get bitchy with one another and Labour completely won the title when they made this sly dig at the Lib Dems. Let’s be honest, British politics wouldn’t be what it is without the odd joke…


Cadbury’s adopt the meme with style


A meme is a typically humorous image, video or piece of text that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.

Cadbury’s took it upon themselves to adopt the ever-miserable grumpy cat into the advice team of their Legal Department. Seriously though – who ‘accidentally’ buys the wrong chocolate?


Tesco are the comeback kings


With this old tweet, Tesco won. That’s really all we can say. This is possibly one of the funniest tweets we’ve read. Tesco Mobile FTW.

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