The Agency

Our business starts and ends with our customers

We are a small team of talented, like-minded people, driven by real ROI rather than irrelevant and pretentious figures. Our goal is to deliver long term affordable growth and build lasting relationships.

Strategy Plus is a Birmingham-based Digital Marketing Agency specialising in Inbound Marketing. We started by creating websites in 1997 with a clear strategy for Search Engine Rankings. We believe in staying one step ahead of the industry due to the rapid development in technology, buyer behaviour and peoples’ expectations. Both Web Design and SEO are massively competitive, but we believe our experience and hunger to continually improve, sets us apart.

Strategy Plus was founded by International Marketing Consultant, Keith Ricardo, in the late 90’s. With the recruitment of experienced developers in ’97, Keith made the first step into Digital Marketing. in 2012 Daniel Ricardo took over the running of the agency, after 10 years working under his Father. Since then we have developed into a more holistic Digital Marketing Agency, to ensure our clients could reach their potential. We have carefully built a team with specialists in each key area Email Marketing, Social Media, Video Marketing, Content Marketing  and most importantly a Digital Marketing Strategy.

The Digital Marketing Workshop was created for those who want to understand and carry out some of the strategy themselves, but need guidance and tools to help them succeed.

We believe straight, honest talking gets the best results in an industry that can be often filled with jargon and hearsay.


If we believe you can do something yourself rather than rely on us we will show you the tools to do so. When you do require the ongoing hands-on support then we will be more than happy to help.


Ultimately, our driving brand belief is that “we succeed by growing others”.

  • Every business is unique in the way that it starts. Some have plenty of funds and experience, some could have none at all, with many in between. Yet I’m pretty sure one truth remains constant, when a business grows, it invest more in tools. These tools

  • Video. It captures our attention, it keeps us interested making it very difficult for us to ignore. Did you know, video content is widely believed to achieve 1,200% more shares than text and imagery. Combined. And you can’t click on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, well any form of

  • With 2020 being a challenging year for every business up and down the country, it’s great to hear that amidst all the uncertainty, we can continue to be recognised for our industry successes. Following on from our ‘#1 digital marketing agency in Birmingham’ listing by