Our team

“We succeed by growing each other”

Digital Marketing Agency

Like most businesses, the people within ours are essential to our success.

We are proud of the experience within the team and the longevity of the business. To ensure continued loyalty and high creative performance, we believe in creating a culture that allows everyone to express themselves freely.

Director & Strategist

Since 2001 and graduating with a Marketing degree Dan joined Strategy Plus and worked hard to stay ahead of the fast-moving trends within the industry. Since becoming the company director in 2012, Dan has concentrated the team’s efforts on becoming the most cost-effective and ROI-driven Digital Marketing agency in the UK.

Dan Ricardo Director
Web Development Manager

Cris has been a full time web developer since 1995, beginning his career with Strategy Plus in 1997. In the intervening years, Cris has risen to the role of the Development Team Manager. This involves supporting the rest of the team and ensuring progress in the technical capabilities of the agency.

Creative Manager

After graduating from Worcester University in Online Marketing with an impressive First Class Degree, Allyce joined the Strategy Plus team in 2018 as an intern to learn the practice behind the theory.

Since joining as an intern, Allyce has proven her determination and desire to learn time and time again and became an official part of the team as a Digital Marketing Executive in 2019.

When she isn’t producing witty Social Media posts, Allyce is directing all our visual content, whether it be branding docs or videos.

On her 5th anniversary in 2022, Allyce became the Creative lead and making her an invaluable part of the team.

Allyce Field Creative Manager
PHP Programmer

PHP Programmers are hard to come by and we have been lucky enough to have Cosmin on board since graduating. Since 2006 he has learned his trade with over 100 projects, Cosmin is now in his Programmer prime.

If you were wondering what PHP is all about, it’s the database behind a website functionality, think eCommerce, calculators, booking systems, CMS, CRM etc.

Cosmin is a real keeper……. and did we mention he is one of football and boxing’s biggest fan!

Videographer & Graphic Designer

Peter started creating back in 2015 and studied at De Montford where he was International Student Ambassador.

There is no one more passionate and dedicated to the art of videography, photography and graphic design than Peter. We don’t think we will ever be able to provide enough work to satisfy his desire to create.

You can follow his personal works on YouTube where he has generated millions of views or check out his art back in Greek art galleries.

We are very lucky to have someone that enjoys his work so much.

Peter Tatsis Videographer
Laura Digital PR
Content Manager

Laura has been heavily involved in PR, ever since 2013 when she was a Junior Publicist at the London Film Festival. Since then Laura has developed her skill set and experience by succeeding in roles such as Assistant Marketing Manager, Journalist and Communications consultant.

Laura’s talents and personality lends themselves perfectly to Digital PR and helping clients achieve exposure and the ever-important backlinks.

Client Success Manager

Rosina completed her degree in Media, Cultural Studies & Journalism (B.A) at Worcester University in 2014. After graduating, Rosina jumped straight into becoming a Digital Marketing Executive. Since then Rosina has worked not only in the UK but China as well.

Now back in the UK, Rosina is working hard to ensure that our client’s projects are moving smoothly and achieving their goals.

Rosina Client Success Manager
Charlie Outreach Manager
Outreach Manager

Charlie has a lot of experience working with small businesses, managing their Social Media and PR. We are excited for Charlie to take on a brand new role within the agency. As Outreach Manager Charlie will be actively reaching out to journalists, “influencers” and potential content collaborators.

This is massively important with so much content out there already, it takes a human touch to get that content published, found, and shared.


To ensure we have the very best people supporting our campaigns and we keep costs down for our clients, we have a number of experts contracted for a number of days a week.


Aivars has been working with Strategy Plus since 2012. First of all as an SEO technician and now predominantly as our Analytics guru.

Google Analytics is essential for nearly all Digital Marketing. If not done correctly, all of your hard work is like shooting in the dark.

With Google Tag Manager and GA4 very much the tools of choice, Aivars is very busy setting up and maintaining client’s analytics.

SEO Audits

David worked full-time with Strategy PLus back in 2016 as our SEO exec. Since then David has headed up SEO for other agencies and big national brands.

We are lucky enough the David still works as a consultant for us, to help support Dan with SEO strategies, audits and analysis.