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The Team - Strategy Plus Online Marketing Agency, specialising in Inbound Marketing based in Birmingham, the West Midlands UK. Internet Heaven Since 1997.
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The Team

We succeed by growing each other

Like most businesses, the people within ours are important to our success. We are proud of the experience within the team and the longevity within the business. To ensure longevity and high creative performance, we believe in creating a culture that allows everyone to express themselves freely.



Since 2001, after graduating with a Marketing degree and joining Strategy Plus, Dan has worked hard to stay ahead of the fast-moving trends within the Online Marketing industry. Since becoming the company director in 2012, Dan has concentrated the agency’s efforts on the aspects of Inbound Marketing due to changes in customer behaviours and our clients focus on ROI.

Daniel Ricardo
Cristian Web Developer



Cris has been a full time web developer since 1995, beginning his career with Strategy Plus in 1997. In the intervening years, Cris has risen to the role of the Development Team Manager. This involves supporting the rest of the team and ensuring progress in the technical capabilities of the agency.



After graduating in 2005, Constantine’s career started with Strategy Plus, putting his training into practice almost instantly. Since this time he has developed his knowledge of both PHP programming and Magento development. There are very few people with his level of expertise and experience. Also, his knowledge of boxing and football is exceptional!

Cosmin the Programmer and Magento expert



Ever since graduating in IT studies, Cat has been fascinated with the world of search engine marketing. Cat for some reason actually enjoys keeping up-to-date with the latest Google algorithms and immediately trying to implement new techniques. All SEO projects are led by Cat, delivering levels of results that we have been particularly proud of since 2001.



Since graduating from Birmingham University with a masters, Feds has immersed herself in the world of Google. With nearly 3 billion Google searches every day it’s essential to have a strategy for Google, whether it’s SEO, PPC or Google business pages. Feds is one of the most enthusiastic people you will ever meet and will do whatever it takes to get results.

Natasha Content Creator



Natasha has been a food blogger for many years and loves to track trending hashtags and a good GIF. She is on board to ensure that the message throughout our client’s social media profiles is clear and concise, as well as creating content that is engaging and interesting.

SEO junior Birmingham
Mariana Strategy Plus



Graphic Design has always been an element of web design but has now become more important to our agency due to the growing demand for visual content via all form of Online Marketing. To ensure your brand is consistent across all aspects of your campaign, Mariana puts her skills to the job to ensure all content is well branded and engaging.

Mike the Intern
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