Our Team

"We succeed by growing each other"

Like most businesses, the people within ours are important to our success. We are proud of the experience within the team and the longevity of the business. To ensure continued loyalty and high creative performance, we believe in creating a culture that allows everyone to express themselves freely.



Since 2001, after graduating with a Marketing degree and joining Strategy Plus, Dan has worked hard to stay ahead of the fast-moving trends within the Online Marketing industry. Since becoming the company director in 2012, Dan has concentrated the teams efforts on becoming the most cost effective, ROI driven Inbound Marketing agency in the UK.

Daniel Ricardo Digital Marketing Director
Cris Head Web Developer



Cris has been a full time web developer since 1995, beginning his career with Strategy Plus in 1997. In the intervening years, Cris has risen to the role of the Development Team Manager. This involves supporting the rest of the team and ensuring progress in the technical capabilities of the agency.



Anne moved from Denmark to the UK in 2016 to complete a masters’ degree in Strategic Marketing & Consulting at University of Birmingham. She graduated with Distinction after a year of studying Marketing Strategies and completing some exciting consultancy projects for a couple of major UK based companies.
After graduating she gained hands-on experience in marketing and agency management as part of an in-house marketing team in a fast growing leisure company. Having experience in an in-house team, she understands the value of working with a great agency and she is determined to provide excellent service to all clients at Strategy Plus.

Anne Kristensen Digital Marketing Project Manager
Alex - Videographer



After graduating in Media Production with a first class honours degree at Coventry University, Alex has brought his decade of knowledge of media, filmmaking to Strategy Plus. Our in-house video production expertise and equipment is now comparable with some of the very best in the region.

He likes to stay up to date with YouTube trends, keeping him inspired and on the look out for the next viral hit. He also loves a good meme!

Alex would love to spend all his time shooting music videos if he could, so any bands out there, come this way.

Ps. apologies for the photo, new one to be shot, once we are back in the office!

Allyce Social Media Manager
Rosie - Copywriter



A creative and versatile writer with a passion for the written word and a drive to tell stories.

Loves crafting clear, compelling and shareable content for an eclectic mix of publications, across multiple channels and for diverse audiences.

Always an enthusiastic, organised and dedicated team member motivated to make an impact for our clients.

Aivars SEO Technician


To ensure we have the very best people supporting our campaigns and we keep costs down for our clients, we have a number of experts contracted for a number of days a week.

  • Brand storytelling is all about focussing on increasing your customers’ emotional attachment to your brand. It can become the perfect way to differentiate you from your competitors. A way in which your competitors cannot replicate. The aim of brand storytelling is not only to inspire

  • Most people will be familiar with the concept of a SWOT analysis, whether you learnt about the technique as a student, or have had to complete one as part of your job. But if you’ve not heard of a SWOT analysis, it stands for ‘Strengths,

  • Every business is unique in the way that it starts. Some have plenty of funds and experience, some could have none at all, with many in between. Yet I’m pretty sure one truth remains constant, when a business grows, it invest more in tools. These tools