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Art Deco Week – The Intern’s Diary

Art Deco Week – The Intern’s Diary

This is week 7 in the office and I spent some of it working on a client specialising in the Art Deco era (Great Gatsby would be proud!). This means I have researched many Art Deco- inspired blogs and businesses and got to admire their beautiful retro pieces through a modern lens. It was definitely interesting to research competitors, getting inspiration and ideas for Art Deco content to go on the blog #creative!

This week I have also continued last week’s task. I have called many wedding businesses in the area on behalf of a client to create a relationship between them. Doing this both businesses increase their popularity and their customer satisfaction so Win Win! Many of them were very interested and excited at the prospect so I had massive success on the front! I also started researching the development of famous websites such as Apple, Nike and Microsoft from the 1990s until today to get some inspiration for Strategy Plus’ 20th anniversary, making the end of this week particularly interesting.

This week I have also completed my dissertation proposal titled ‘Fair Trade or Fairy Tale’ where I outlined the main ideas for my thesis. I have tried to incorporate my internship to my studies as much as possible and I plan on writing about the relevance of the Fair Trade branding on coffee production and customer behaviour towards ethical buying (Not exactly digital marketing but marketing nonetheless!).

Another week is over, the weather is getting warmer, the days longer and I cannot wait for spring! I am writing this as the rain pours from outside Strategy Plus’ windows but I am confident the weather is improving!

I will keep you posted on next week’s adventures,