3 Vital Updates You Must Make To Your Social Media

3 Vital Updates You Must Make To Your Social Media

In the never ending race to win money from brands in advertising, social media networks are pulling out all the stops and delivering updates to their networks faster than we, the consumers, can get used to them.

In the start of 2015, Pinterest decided to improve its guided search, Facebook cleaned up it’s Newsfeed (how many times has that been now?) and Twitter offered the option of group messaging, a decision that’s been well received amongst users. In order for brands to stay ahead of their competitors, they are willing to do almost anything to make the most out of their social media networks. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, we suggest you use these updates to your advantage and make these three social media updates to your profiles now!


Google has now given companies the power to add their own social profile information to the Google ‘Knowledge panel’ in terms of web searches. For example, when someone searches your company name, address, phone number or web address through the Google search tool, a profile summary will be produced on the right hand side of the page, displaying all important information for your business. They even offer links to your social media profiles, which can convert a curious web searcher to a brand follower and maybe then, a customer? Increased exposure is always a benefit, regardless of which way it comes.

If you’re a social media manager for your business, you may need a little help from your Web developer to integrate this update, but Google makes it easy as possible for them to complete the process relatively pain-free.


A CTA is otherwise known as a call-to-action, a section of the website in which you try to convert those who are visiting your website into customers through a number of ways. It doesn’t have to be a purchase they make, it just allows you to gain their information through the download of a PDF, a sign up to your email marketing campaign or even request a call back from your business through a contact form. Facebook have now implemented a button on their business pages which allows companies to implement their own CTA on their page, through these options: book now, contact us, use app, shop now, sign up, watch video and play game. Although Facebook does offer figures on the number of actions occurring from your CTAs, marketers can further their tracking of their customers through the use of unique URLs, ones that can be created through Google Analytics’ URL Builder.

An example of a CTA (call to action)
An example of a CTA (call to action)


As it’s the most popular web browser in the world, Chrome must be doing something right. Not only is it incredibly popular amongst most of the demographic, it’s also a pretty smart tool to use for marketers, social media managers, web designers and more. There are a number of vital extensions to be had in the Chrome Store, making life a little easier for Web professionals. The ‘Pin It’ button from Chrome offers social media managers the ability to share engaging and relevant content on Pinterest in a few simple clicks. When you’re signed in on your Pinterest account, the ‘Pin It’ extension will automatically create a new Pin, without having to visit the website in order to add new photos. This eliminates the process of saving images and uploading them one by one. You can then alter the text attached to the image and then choose which board you’d like to pin it to. Sharing content through Pinterest has now become a whole lot easier, as the extension works on all websites, giving you the ability to share content at will. Pinterest is no longer on the social media backburner.

What other changes have you made to your social media strategy? Let us know in the comments below!

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