5 more tips for successful social media!

Social Media Marketing Tips

Carrying on from our previous blog, here’s 5 more social media marketing tips! We spoil you, we know!

6. Find and know your customers

Personalising your customers experience is ideal in knowing what your customers are looking for, what they like, what they want etc. Setting up customised alert for specific terms that relate to the company’s customers, industry, influencers and trends allows to see what customers are searching for. The more you listen and learn as a business, the faster you can develop with your customers. This allows you to become more knowledgeable: granting you the ability to serve your customers and grow your social media presence.

7. Customers: connect, engage, promote, improve

Instead of mass relationship development, try to focus on connecting and engaging with a few of your customers to begin with. You can engage with your customers (both existing and potential) by promoting their updates, sharing what they’re tweeting/posting about and make sure you’re interacting and mentioning them frequently. Reply to their questions, ask them questions in return, invite them to events, ask for their feedback on service/products and lastly send them direct messages. Using all of these ways of customer interaction allows you to build an interactive and loyal fan base. Frequent customer engagement and promotion will ultimately lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and sales.

8. Asking questions improves interaction

A number of studies have shown that when businesses asks questions in their updates compared to general topics, the percentage of responses increase. When a business wants to share tips, the best form of engagement is higher when the update is posted in the form of a question. The key to successful social media is to keep your posts real, have authentic conversations, post fresh content and keep the tone enthusiastic and funny.

9. Becoming the ‘Authority’

The holy grail of social media is upon you. Can you become the authority for a particular topic/domain of knowledge? When customers seek out the company’s updates, favourite them and share their updates as well as responding and mentioning them. Add their profile to a list or group and bookmark them. These experts share some common traits with you – they’re real, successful at what they do, they have inspiring words, they’re edgy and they love sharing their knowledge with others. Take note and become the Authority.

 10. Planning: analyse, review and change

Did you achieve your goals that you originally set for yourself? If you followed our previous 9 tips, you should achieve success in most of the said objectives. How do you achieve all of your goals? It’s actually incredibly simple. Know what works and do more of it. Change what isn’t working. Be agile! Move, alter, change but still be consistent. Many tools are available to you at the click of a button. Mostly those in the social media marketplace, so use tools like analytics, reports and management. The best barometer for success: Are you attracting more customers and are they engaging you?

We hope these top ten tips help you in your quest for social media dominance. Remember to check back to our blog for regular updates on all things social media and tech. If you need further help with Social Media, SEO and Web Design, contact us now on 0121 638 0457.
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