5 tips to help your brand go viral

Gone viral

Going viral is a main goal for a majority of brands because of the promise there will always be someone to view the content that is posted, someone from the billions of daily online users.

However, a lot of businesses will only see a few hundred likes, so, below, we explain the key to gaining more visibility for your content as it is seen by a larger audience and, ultimately, ‘go viral’.

There are hundreds and thousands of businesses online that desire to be seen by a large audience which is, a lot of the time, down to pure chance, however, there are some factors that you can ensure you follow in order to increase your chances of being seen by a larger audience.

1. Get personal

Something to bear in mind when you are writing posts, and general content is to post as though you are speaking to one person and visualise having a one to one conversation with that person. Broad content tends to be easily overlooked.

2. Split test

Unfortunately, not everyone you will be targeting is going to be interested in the same headlines are the next persons. A solution to this issue is to brainstorm a few different headlines and potentially do a quick poll of which is more appealing, thus you will be drawing in readers leading to the post likely being read and shared.

3. Give them something useful

So not to disappoint your readers or write a lot about yourself, give them content that they can take something from, and is entertaining which will make them want to come back to read and share future posts.

4. Don’t go overboard

People are generally busy, therefore they may not have time to read extremely long posts, so be sure to provide only the important information and eliminate all of the unnecessary sections in your post which tend to bulk up the post; keep it short and to the point.

5. Get it out there

This is the true meaning of going viral, get your content out there by sharing and sharing and sharing across your social media platforms and encouraging your fans to share your post.

It’s important to remember that great content does not go viral on its own. It needs to be something worth reading and sharing, with headlines that will draw the masses in and make them want to continue reading.

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