6 top e-commerce tips for online dominance

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Running an e-commerce site isn’t an uncommon thing in the modern financial climate. It’s an incredibly popular venture that removes the need for a physical store, but many people are lucky enough to have both. So, with your e-commerce website, you naturally want to make the most out of your sales and get as much money as possible. Luckily for you, we have 6 top tips for your pleasure, ones that will hopefully give you an insight on what your customers want, fine tuning your product descriptions and how customer feedback is important for future updates.

Without further ado, let’s just straight into these tips and hopefully give you some well deserved training on everything e-commerce!

e-commerce websites are common, so make sure they're working to the best of their ability
e-commerce websites are common, so make sure they’re working to the best of their ability

Your customers should be able to contact you: As obvious as this might be, it’s incredibly important that you display your contact details with ease. The contact information that’s on your website – street address, email address, and phone number – should all either be on your website or under your “Contact Us” page. A majority of customers will come to your site in order to call you , so why hide this from them? Doing so can crave away potential purchases. Would you buy from a company that seemed like it didn’t care for its customers?

Your product descriptions should be large: The customer use the product description to naturally learn more about the product that they are interested in, so why wouldn’t you make it detailed? Features, capabilities and limitations are all needed in order to make sure that they fit the customer’s needs. A product number and a vague description just won’t hack it.

Your customer’s opinion is vital: As weird as this may seem, you should consider Google searching your company name to find what exactly is being said about you on the internet. Customers will usually research your company if they haven’t heard of you before in order to gain some insight into how trustworthy you are. Negative feedback shouldn’t be ignored. Respond to it, fix the problem and you may gain some more customers who see that you care about your customers.

Pretty pictures are perfect for sales: Product pictures should show the item in a positive light, so be sure to employee a good photographer to reach their maximum potential. Programs like Photoshop are available for you to edit at your will, so optimising size, contrast, and brightness are all possible and this will allow you to reduce file sizes, so load times will be much, much quicker.

Keep your customers updated: Always collecting customer emails through email newsletters is a great way to keep yourself fresh in the mind of those who buy from your brand. Simply adding a form to your site will allow an easy sign up process for all customers.

Recommend other products: Amazon does this brilliantly and you can’t argue with the process of one of the global e-commerce giants. When customers are viewing or buying products, a section of the page should be added in order for them to view what other customers bought who have previously bought the product. This can be added into your database by connecting products based on customers’ actual purchases.

So, what do you think? Are these tips useful? Need help with marketing strategy? Learn more about our Digital Marketing Agency.

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