8 Google Tools That You Probably Don’t Know About

8 Google Tools That You Probably Don’t Know About

Google Tools are widely available to us all, but do we know all of them?

Google Sky

We all know of Google Earth, the revolutionary tool that came to our attention in 2005. Now, being close to its 10 year anniversary, it has a sub product in the form of Google Sky. Taking the coolest aspect of Google Earth, exploration, and adding it to space and the star systems is what makes Google Sky such a wonderful little tool. It was developed alongside NASA, with Google using images from the Hubble Telescope. Two other notable products related to Google Earth are also Google Mars and Google Moon, which are pretty self-explanatory from their titles.

Get Your Business Online

Get Your Business Online, which is also known as its abbreviation GYBO, is Google’s initiative to move local businesses onto the web, not only to boost the local economy but also the help small businesses reach higher levels with a web presence. Quite interestingly, it gives you the power to add other businesses to the online platform, giving listings for businesses, events and lessons. The free service (yes, it’s actually free!) gives free web hosting for one year. Good old Google.

Google Public Data Explorer

The Public Data Explorer service from Google gives the public the ability to search through databases from all around the world, with the World Bank & the U.S. Census Bureau being two namely giants amongst the thousands of databases available. When you find any information you want, the tool gives you the ability to then export it through a line/bar graph, scatterplot or a map.

Google Trends

Google Trends takes advantages of Google’s billions of search every day to give you a detailed look into what exactly is trending on the World Wide Web at any given time. With a great search functionality, the tool actually lets you see the search history of a given search term, displaying the amount of searches and its popularity in a time frame. You can also filter this to location, so you can see just what exactly is grabbing the attention of your local community. Popular searches fill the screen in a colourful format, so it’s better than ever to decide on a search term for your SEO efforts!

Google Trends tracks search terms all around the world
Google Fonts

Google Fonts is probably one of our favourite services that is available to us. It’s an open source hub of web fonts available to use both privately or commercially should you choose to do so. As of writing this article, there are currently 634 font families available at your disposal. Filter what you need by width, slant, script and even thickness.

Full Value of Mobile

A brilliantly useful app in its simplicity, Full Value of Mobile is a calculator for business, in which it will calculate just how much a mobile site is worth to your business. The tool tracks and analyses the interaction customers have with your mobile sites and the various aspects of your business.


Schemer, as it is so cleverly named, is a to-do list app that allows the users to plan out any social events that they have. You can connect to the app through your Google+, which is pretty much mandatory these days, then enter your preferences and Schemer will give you a list of things to do in your area. It’s a fantastic app to use for those who are keen travellers who simply want to make the most out of their adventures, or it’s a wonderful little tool for locals who are stuck for things to do.

Google’s Ngram Viewer

Google’s Ngram Viewer is similar to that of Google Trends, only that it lets you search any keywords you wish through millions of books throughout half a millennium, something that allows you track trends over time. Ngram Viewer also offers advanced options, as you can combine particular keywords to search for various topics and trends. So, if you really, really, really wanted to, you can check just how drug happy the Victorians really were.

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