Apple’s Safari update to wipe out ads

All internet users want fast, seamless internet access, able to go from website to website, like turning the page of a book, without the interruption of advertisements and pop-ups.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the internet we have at the moment. The internet requires payment through subscriptions and paywalls and all sorts of advertisements. These can be seen as the video ads that automatically play on YouTube, the pop-ups, and the surprise videos you find hidden away in your open tabs that blare music.

Computer software giant, Apple, is now picking the side against companies that push you to click on their advertisements, videos, and subscribe to newsletters.

The American software giants have released their plans for the next Safari update

The American software giants have released their plans for the next Safari browser update that will enable iOS users to block unwanted ads

They have unveiled their plan for the upcoming version of the Safari browser that is said to support a third-party ad blocking extension thus granting Apple users a “fast and efficient way to block pop-ups, resources, cookies, images, and other content,” as written in the developer guide.

Apple’s announcement in early June troubled those that rely on paid advertisement, only heightening when the realisation that blocking pop-ups will soon be a tap away for smartphone web users settled in.

Apple’s Safari update to alter mobile internet

Advertisements have always been a pain for internet users, infiltrating website loading pages and running them slower that desired, or freezing a web page entirely.

At present, it’s Google, Facebook and other huge social networks that monopolise the advertisements and commercials that appear on smartphones – the rest of the world is fighting for fragments of the business.

As an example, popular broadsheet newspaper, The New York Times, has roughly half of its traffic driven through mobile while only 10% of its online ads turnover. This is where Apple can make their move.

Apple’s support in inbound marketing

The announcement was excellent news for inbound marketers

The announcement was excellent news for inbound marketers

For inbound marketers, this news is precisely what we want to here. Unlike interruption marketing, inbound marketing works to earn the attention of web users organically, without interrupting anyone’s path through SEO and content creation.

Apple’s new ad blocking app will serve as a boost for inbound marketing tactics, leading outbound marketers to possibly begin looking into organic advances to gain traffic.

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