If the Attorney General is concerned about Social Media, shouldn’t you be?

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If the Attorney General is concerned about Social Media, shouldn’t you be?

We don’t normally write blogs in response to the latest guidelines published by the Attorney General but in this case we thought it was relevant. The latest guidelines published are to help prevent users of social media committing contempt of court. Peaches Geldof is the most recent guilty party of this offence but may have got away with it because she exposed information that had already been leaked accidentally by the court admin department.

Anyhow, what does this have to do with social media and why businesses should be making the most of its potential?

Previously, these guidelines had only been provided for press and media organisations because they were the only people with access to such large audiences. Due to the ever growing popularity of social media we all now have the potential to reach a massive audience. This is the way in which businesses should think about social media and why they should use it. Previously, if a business were to try and reach thousands of people in one go. They would have had to pay hundreds or thousands of pounds to newspapers, radio stations or TV companies.

Also there are two added bits of beauty about social media compared with traditional media:

1. It’s a two way conversation and can actually create a relationship between the brand and its target market.

2. It’s the one form of media that magnifies the most popular existing method of gaining business which is word of mouth. Previously customers would only tell one or two people about their good experience with your brand when chatting face to face. Now they can tell hundreds of their friends in seconds via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

However unlike normal advertising Social Media needs investment of time and creativity rather than money. If you need training or hands on help then contact us.