Is blogging part of your marketing plan?

Suggesting blog pages to businesses seems to be causing quite a debate. Is it relevant? Is it necessary? What content should be written about? These are a few of the questions raised when mentioning blogging.

In fact, blogging can make a huge impact on a business’ marketing strategy. As it can be central to all your online marketing and greatly improve a business’ SEO rankings.

What can blogging do?

  • Draw your target audience away from Social Media and on to your website
  • Boost your SEO
  • Improve customer relationships by providing useful content
  • Become a source of content and landing pages for your email marketing

Drawing traffic from Social Media

Unbeknownst to some, blogging is able to drive traffic through to a website. Through the creation of relevant content – remember, content is king! – and sharing that content across the social media platforms your business may have.

If you have profiles on the likes of Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, then ensure that you share your blog posts on them. As this will allow you to gain maximum reach to your target audience. Furthermore, you can integrate inbound links into your blog articles which will direct traffic to specific landing pages of your website.

Increasing SEO

Boost your search engine optimisation with a constant stream of appropriate content. The trick in doing this is including keywords in your blog posts; list the keywords you want to be associated with your brand/business and be sure to use them.

Ensure you are updating your blog page frequently with news, information and useful information your target customers will find relevant. This may include ‘how to’ posts, tips, FAQs, company news etc. Producing content on various topics will keep your blog fresh and interesting. Most importantly, the integration of keywords and meta tags will notify Google of your site’s original content, thus boosting your rankings

Developing customer relationships

Similar to social media, blogs act as another source which can better the connection you have with existing clients and even your prospects.

This works through being the source of information for your target audience. As well as teaching them about certain elements of a certain industry, something they are sure to appreciate.

Other ways of further improving the relationship you hold with your customers is literally communicating with them. If they query anything, be sure to respond and interact with them from your website.

Dedicating an hour or so of your working day to write a high quality blog post, which is rich with keywords, that you will be proud to share across your social pages.

Email Marketing

When you are emailing other businesses on a regular basis you need to provide useful content and not just sales messages. Therefore, using a few snippets from your latest blog articles within your email marketing will certainly make your approaches more welcome. If you only include a snippet along with a read more link to the full article, there will be an increase of clickthroughs to your website. Which is exactly where you ultimately want your prospective customers to be.

To learn more about how to make the most of blogs or about our blogging services, contact us to find out more.
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