Boost the success of your eCommerce website

Boost the success of your eCommerce website

The eCommerce economy is expanding and is expected to continue to do so in the future.

For tips on how to boost the success of your eCommerce website, keep on reading.

Don’t jump straight in

Many make the mistake of rushing the launch of an eCommerce website. The launch of a website is a monumental thing – it is acceptable to buy your domain name and feature a ‘Coming Soon’ page, avoid unveiling anything until ground work has been laid down e.g content marketing, SEO, social media, paid advertising etc.

Make your focal point the user

A known issue of the business is the inability to allow the consumers to physically get a feel for the products they are going to purchase first handed. At present times, there is nothing that can be done to provide a solution for this problem. A way of compensating for this fact is offering customers free shipping, relevant pricing and making the checkout process as simple as possible.

Test, test and test again

It is worth investing in analytics and testing which means all throughout the launch of your eCommerce site you can assess the performance of the website.

Maximise social media efforts

For eCommerce, social media is the heart of the business allowing access to your customers lives and buying efforts. Ensure that you work closely with your social media team.

Integrate social elements

Following on from the previous tip, it is ideal to integrate social elements into your eCommerce website. Conversion is aided immensely through the inclusion of follow buttons that link through to your social media pages, testimonials and product reviews.

Optimise your site for mobile

If you missed Google’s new update, you can read about it here.

It isn’t news that mobile devices are increasingly becoming the most used platform for internet activity; they are convenient. Getting your website optimised for mobile will be a wise decision.

Stay on top of SEO

It will become harder to stand out amongst the crowd of eCommerce websites that will be joining the eCommerce scene. Ensure to stay on top of SEO so your website becomes a competition for others.

Gather information

It is important to build a database of you all of the information you have collected about your customers so to be useful in the future if you have any future launches. This tip can be ignored if you plan this to be a single site launch.


Ultimately, continue to grow your business. Technology, customer tastes and trends are constantly changing providing plenty of research for you to grow your business and keep it on trend.

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