Boost your traffic with infographics

Inbound Marketing Process Infographic

Studies have implicated that 99% of sensory information trickles out of our brain almost as soon as it is consumed.

This statement could be applied to digital information in the form of words and could arguably be why there is a growing number fo businesses that are creating infographics.

Below, you can see an infographic Strategy Plus has created about social media management.

Boost your traffic with infographics 1
Example of an infographic

Infographics are a great marketing tool for capturing the eye of your consumers. They are visual, which the brain can transmit much faster than any text information and, in fact, have seen businesses boost their average traffic by 12% compared with those who do not utilise this powerful visual marketing tool.

Using visual content is already social-media-ready and friendly as it is easily shareable and palatable. Images dominate social media as opposed to links and text posts. Visual content is easily absorbed and remembered; compare content that has a mixture images and relevant text to a post – something exciting to read, to an entire post ridden with text, which would be incredibly boring to read and the consumer could now possibly be seeking information elsewhere if it has taken too long to find the information the consumer requires – utilising infographics for a means of marketing seems a no-brainer.

Roughly 67% of consumers consider detailed images to possess more weight compared to detailed product information or customer ratings.

Make your content memorable through infographics!

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Boost your traffic with infographics 2
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