Rumour had it that the British online fashion and cosmetic retailer ASOS planned to open an actual physical store for customers to try on and buy clothes. This seemed to be bucking the trend slightly with high street retailers falling by the way side due to the growth in online sales. Does this mean the start of another change in trends or is it a one-off?

We’ve arrived at one of the most exciting times of the year for avid shopping discount-hunters and eCommerce stores everywhere. You guessed it; Black Friday. However, it isn’t the biggest shopping day of the year, subject to common belief - the Saturday before Christmas generally is. This year, the date to put in your diary is 25th November. In a few short years, Black Friday rocketed into one of the nation’s most anticipated sales events of the year.

This articles' heading may seem a little pessimistic, which leans towards the obvious answer... which is very little. However, we thought we would put together a short blog explaining the realities faced by thousands of eCommerce businesses to help prepare them for the competitive online world. There are many reasons as to why retailers should have an eCommerce site: bigger audience, less overheads etc. Many businesses see the success stories such as ASOS; the massive potential and jump head first into getting a fancy online shop. If we take the story of ASOS, they started in 2000 and now have assets worth £237m. What many people don't know is that it was started by the grandson of Austin Reed and with £2.4m start up capital. We can assure you that very few clients will have that kind of funding behind them.