Social Media

How does social media differ for small businesses?

Social media is a great tool for small businesses and - relatively speaking - the cost of entry is low. According to the social media marketing industry report, 92% of small business agree that social media is a crucial part to their marketing. More than 50% of small businesses agree that social media increases sales.

However, small businesses fail when trying to compete with bigger companies. Bigger companies have what seems like unlimited content while small businesses do not have the funds or time to reach the same level. Rather than competing with the big boys, however, small companies can grow by concentrating on creating loyalty, brand awareness and increasing the traffic to their website.

Social media has two billion active users worldwide; 81% of this staggering amount will be accessing their social media profiles using a mobile phone. Mobile social media is an incredible opportunity for a business to build and improve connections and relationships with clients. As there is an increasing use of mobile devices to access the internet, keep up to date with the news, find entertainment etc. it is important for businesses to adapt! Google released an algorithm update this April in boosting the rankings of mobile-friendly websites and businesses.

The tactics behind running any type of customer-fed business is to have an understanding of the target market. A target market can adapt to the varied market changes and with this, it is becoming more of a challenge to complete the process easily. However, social media presents a brilliant range of tools that are directly beneath our fingertips - we just need to grasp the correct way of using them. Having knowledge of analytics is something and acquire a reputable social media presence is another thing though it is possible that some may not have an understanding of how to use those things to research and develop a sales structure. With the correct knowledge, you will be able to turn market research into an essential tool that doesn't demand a lot of your time or cost. The below tips are a sure-fire way to help you utilise your social media to optimise you market research aims!