Is your content being written just for SEO?

SEO: Stripped

A common misconception is the idea of content being written solely for SEO.

In simpler terms, keyword research is market research which should be utilised by your website to serve the search query your consumers are looking for, essentially making your content for people and not SEO.
Clients may believe that the content being written is for SEO because of the need for keywords for the motivation of research.

Using content for just SEO

Writing content for SEO effectively is becoming quite a task.
Search engines are developing with time, becoming more advanced and they can already correct and understand synonyms, plurals, typos and, in some cases, the semantics of sentences.

Google’s algorithm

SEO is limited to working within Google’s algorithms, hence the necessity to optimise the content on your website with search engines in mind.
The idea is to ensure that your site serves the search query in question.

SEO is used to connect people to content

If it’s thought about, search engines deliver content that is most relevant to the search query.
It’s important to understand the system and how it works in order to make it simpler to attract the correct consumer, also by understanding the system you will be able to appeal to your target audience and gain more reach by using the right keywords in relation to your content.

Recognising SEO as a medium of connecting with consumers will distinguish that your content is not being written just for the purpose SEO.
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Is your content being written just for SEO? 1
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