Easily Adaptable Content Marketing Tips

Easily Adaptable Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing is a phrase we hear when seeking to create a successful social media marketing strategy.

It is the one marketing tool that is essential for acquiring more web traffic and receiving a much higher amount of engagement on your social media profiles.

The said content can be anything from a website’s ‘About Us’ page to articles, however, it is more commonly associated with blog writing, which links back to SEO, as it is this practice that simultaneously provides the most successful but also the most frustration.

Below are a few tips that will hopefully inspire your future content marketing approaches.

Seek inspiration

If you’ve come to a standstill, creativity-wise, what better thing to do that to seek out inspiration for content from either a relevant blog written by a professional, or even for something entirely unrelated – pick something you know you enjoy reading.

The aim here is to figure out why the content you are reading is so enjoyable. What makes it engaging? How am I learning from it?


We’re all guilty for not being organised all of the time but forgive us when we say, because you’re likely to have heard it many times before organisation really does help.

When you have the time at the beginning of each month, create a content plan throughout the month – this will not only help you stay on top blog posts and be consistent with your posting, but it will save time when it comes to deciding the topic of your blog post.

Saying this, however, do not let this plan of action quell any sparks of inspiration. If something hits you, by all means, write about it.


Thinking up an eye-catching title that will make everyone and their mother want to read your blog post is arguably one of the most frustrating tasks of content marketing.

Rather than spending precious blogging time on the title, pick a basic one that’s a brief outline of your blog content and work with it while you write. You will be able to sift through what you writing and will notice certain phrases that can be used as a title.

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Think like the reader

Becoming your audience may be one of the greatest tips you receive if you have an exceptional idea for a blog post and know you will enjoy typing it up, but isn’t something your target audience will we interested in, you may want to hold off on posting.


Try to include a minimum of one image in your blog post. A picture really does speak 1000 words – images will break up all the text and give a visual aid to what you are talking about, save they are relevant to the text.

Content marketing is essential to your marketing strategy and can make a huge difference in the engagement you receive. We hope these few tips can help!

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