6 tips for a successful email marketing campaign

Maintaining a healthy email marketing list


Email marketing is one of the most personal ways to connect with your customers – whether current or potential. But before you begin to flood your clients’ inboxes, follow these tips to create a successful campaign…

Start with an objective

It is important to know the main objective of why you’re sending your email. A lot of people will get caught up on the subject line too much, with the aim of getting a higher open rate. But, in this situation, the subject line and content of the email may slightly differ, so people open the email but don’t find the information they expect. This means that they may ‘bounce’ or delete the email as the subject line is vague or misleading.

The solution is to think about your target audience and what information they would find most useful or valuable. This is the best way to create meaningful email content which will then be helpful to you and your customers.

Use a clear subject line

It is better to use a subject line which will tell the reader exactly what to expect in the email, containg content which will be beneficial to them. This may mean sacrificing the open rate for a higher click rate but which will generate more business?

Use direct copy and a call to action

Write the email directly to your target audience and describe the benefit of the click. For example, “Receive £100 off an SEO package” is a clear benefit, while “Receive £100 off SEO package – today only” which is a time sensitive call to action. This should make your customer want to click it as there is an immediate benefit. This creates curiosity and then leads the customer to where you want them – your site.

Have a clean list

It is important to maintain a clean and healthy email list. This involves segmenting your lists so you can target and track each list; don’t spam everyone on your list and assume they will all be interested in every product you have to offer. Remember to make the content interesting and tailored to each list.

A/B Test

Before sending out your email campaign, try two different concepts. Test two different subject lines, for example, on a small sub-section of your list. You can then track which one performs better and use this one.

Measure the success

When your click rate is above your open rate this means a high percentage of people who opened your email converted. Mailchimp is a platform where you can track through its reporting facilities.


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