The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising

The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising

As mentioned in our previous post, there are benefits and drawbacks of using paid and organic advertising. One of the platforms that is used extensively for advertising is Facebook. So we decided to delve a little deeper to see what you should and shouldn’t be doing when using Facebook advertising.

What is Facebook Advertising?
Using the social media platform, Facebook, allows a business to promote a customised advert or content. It allows you to target a specific audience and is great for demand generation. The costs of the ads are altered based on the reach and engagement the advert receives. The adverts on Facebook normally appear in the News Feed or right column for your target audience. There is a lot you can learn from advertising on Facebook, futhermore allowing you to improve and make your advertising experience more effective,

How do you use it effectively?
To ensure your Facebook advertising campaign is effective, there are two things that you should always question.

  1. What are your objectives?
    Before you can pursue a Facebook ad, it is beneficial to think of what you want to gain from the ad. Do you want to increase brand awareness, conversions or website views? Thus ensuring that the money that you spend on Facebook Advertising is used efficiently.
  2. Who’s your audience?
    There are a lot of people on Facebook, which means that you have to narrow down your audience. Taking the time to do this will ensure that the people you want to see the ad, will.

Top Tips

  • Image
    Make sure that the image that is used is big, at least 1200 x 627 px.  Consequently, ensuring that people will be enticed in to see what the ad is about.
  • CTA
    Spare some thought of the call-to-action that you are featuring in the Facebook advert. Does it look like spam? Can you personalise it? Would you click on it if you saw it? Consider all this before publishing your advert.
  • Design
    Think about the landing page that the ad is leading to, is the design consistent? Just by using the same wording and design as your landing page in the ad, you will ensure your branding is fluid. Thus ensuring that the customers trust in you is build from the beginning.
  • Rotate
    Don’t allow your Facebook ad to become stale or for your audience to get bored, alternate it with another.

Facebook ads are effective when you are running a competition or giveaway on your Facebook business page because it allows more people to see it. But did you know that, according to Facebook’s promotion rules, you are not allowed to entice people to share the competition? This is as well as tagging your friends as a form of entering are not permitted? Many big brands still do but don’t follow suit, as you could be at risk of a penalty. Ensure you are clued up on the rules before you pursue a competition or giveaway.

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