How do you utilise Facebook for the best lead generation?

Turbo-charging lead generation


With 1.13 billion daily active users, there is no doubt that Facebook is an important business tool for every kind of business. Even with the new algorithms, it is the ideal place to help you reach new audiences. Including supporting you to create a robust brand identity, allowing for promotion of the content you create, creating a community centred around your business and allowing your business to get easily found in searches.

But did you know only half of marketers are using Facebook to source leads? Crazy right? Considering that leads can eventually turn into paying customers and the amount of daily active users Facebook obtains, why wouldn’t you use it to source leads?

Before you can start to source leads, or boost your lead generation efforts, you need to identify what type of lead you are looking to capture on Facebook. Anyone that has indicated interest in your companies product or service by giving you information is a lead. This could be by requesting a demo, downloading an eBook or even completing an online survey.

On Facebook, leads are split into two types:

  1. Direct Leads
    In order to generate a direct lead, content that links to a form, which would be on a landing page, on your website needs to be shared. The visitor would have to fill in information in order to obtain access to offers, such as an eBook, coupon, infographic or another piece of content.
  2. Indirect Leads
    In order to generate an indirect lead, Facebook needs to be used on the path to conversion. It is an indirect lead because it eventually leads the visitor from Facebook to a blog post, that includes a Call-To-Action (CTA), then to a landing page.

So how can a Facebook post help you to generate leads from your business? Well, there are 12 ways!

  1. Lead Ads
    Back in 2015, lead ads were added to Facebook. This feature allows users to sign up for content that is lead generating. Without leaving Facebook! Its creation was due to making it easier for mobile users to fill out forms.
  2. Targeted Ads
    Want to extend your content’s reach? Run a targeted ad! Through the use of Facebook’s targeting options, you will be able to extend the reach of your content to users who are already interested. You can target your ads based on location, age, gender, interests etc. They can be done in three ways – Boosted Post, Right-Hand Column Ads and News Feed Ads.
  3. Utilising the Facebook Event pages
    Facebook Event pages can be used to promote webinars. It is an effective way of encouraging visitors to register on a separate landing page. Visitors are also more likely to see Facebook Events rather than Facebook posts on the News Feed, as they are more visible.  New features have also been added by Facebook to allow businesses to promote their events and to see how they’re performing.
  4. Contests or giveaways
    Everyone loves a contest or giveaway! They are fun but can also teach you alot about your audience. This is as well as keeping them engaged, extending your reach, driving traffic to your website and generating leads.
  5. Asking for input
    Followers love the opportunity to give their input. This can be utilised by posting a status update onto your Facebook business’ Timeline, asking for feedback. Then a link can be included in the update that leads visitors to a landing page. Be careful of the tools you put forward for feedback, as some may generate negative feedback. Be sure to have a couple of people ready to respond to all comments, whether they are negative or positive. Negative feedback is best handled in a swift manner. Be upfront, apologise, empathise and see how you can help. Relay the feedback to the right people, to ensure it is used effectively.
  6. Call-To-Action Button on your Facebook page
    In late 2014, a  CTA button was added to the top of Facebook business Pages.  The button can help to drive traffic to your website. Some marketers may never change their CTA but they are missing a trick. It can be used to match a campaign you are running at the time or to match your business’ goals. Thus, strenghtening your marketing strategy.
  7. Pinned posts
    Did you know you can pin certain posts to the top of your timeline for up to seven days? It is even more beneficial to pin posts that link to lead generation offers. This can be done with any type of post and is signified by a small white and blue pushpin icon on the top right.
  8. Facebook Live
    Facebook Live allows you to create videos that do not take all the time in the world to create and edit. It also allows you to broadcast live videos from your mobile onto your Facebook News Feed. Enabling you to be more spontaneous then the usual marketing video. Engagement rates for Facebook Live videos is astonishing. People are 10 times more likely to comment on Facebook Live videos then on regular videos. Utilise this by using it to promote an event or even hosting a Q&A. Ensure you repeat a verbal CTA numerous times and include it in text. People may start watching at different times and it will enable them all to hear it.
  9. Videos
    Facebook’s new algorithm may be driving you mad, especially if you are a business, but it favours video content. Video posts even have a 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. In order to increase your lead generation efforts on Facebook, you can use videos to promote content that is lead generating.
  10. Links to Landing Pages in image captions
    Visuals are a big part of any marketers life and they are highly important within your Facebook strategy. With images in Facebook posts seeing 2.3 times more engagement then those without, we can see why. Turn those engagement rates into lead generation opportunities just by including links to your website in image captions. An easy but effective way to bring traffic to your website.
  11. Post blog posts that generate the most leads
    Generate leads by simply picking posts that will intrigue your audience on Facebook. By also including a CTA towards the beginning of the blog post, you will be giving them a solution to a problem or extra information about a topic.
  12. Send people directly to the landing pages
    By using an image that visitors will find compelling and a link directly to a landing page, you will generate leads. Ensure you are clear to the reader where you are sending them. Additionally, you can also create a custom image that includes the name of the offer. Thus, making it crystal clear of the content and of the purpose of the post.

There is alot to stink your teeth into here and we hope it helps to make your Facebook strategy clear and concise. If you  would like us to utilise your Facebook for you or to hear more then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

How do you utilise Facebook for the best lead generation? 1
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