trending news resembles Twitter

Facebook’s updated trending news resembles Twitter

The ‘trending news’ section on Facebook’s newsfeed that is displayed on the right-hand side is undergoing a revamp that is supposed to make it easier to find information.

The revamp is also set to enable users to view different perspectives of the day’s most popular stories which includes a Twitter-like live feed with user mentions.

This new update should be hitting mobile devices next week.

At the beginning of the year, Facebook launched Trending, allowing its users to take a peak into the top stories of the day.
This feature is only starting to implement itself onto mobile devices – when using the search bar on Android devices, users should see a drop-down menu of the most talked about topics and stories that are circulating the social network.
Facebook has claimed to be working on an iOS update also.

After clicking on a link, a topic page that is dedicated to the news will appear and highlight related articles.
Now, Facebook will be dividing each topic page into five different sections, displaying images and messages from mutual friends, and strangers, in one hub.

Furthermore, the topics pages will be including these following options: In the Story, Friends and Groups, Near the Scene, and Live Feed.
In the Story would highight posts from people who are a part of the featured story.
Friends and Groups will be displaying what the people you know are saying and talking about.
Live Feed will be displaying the reactions from beyond a users network.
Near the Scene will be relying on posts from people that are near where the highlighted story is occuring.

While it will be a selected few from the Facebook team that will be choosing the statuses for the In the Story section, it will continue to rely on algorithms and will share activty in order to draw attention to what is trending on the site.

It has been said that the trending stories are going to continue to be a blend of what’s popular in a user’s region and a snapshot of conversations that are happenings across the country.

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