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You may have heard of or you are already using Google Analytics to measure your website, app, digital and offline data to gain customer insights. Here you can view invaluable data that will support you in growing your online presence and ensuring the customers you want to attract, are finding you.

There is one key piece of information that is not displayed on Google Analytics and that is Company Information. 

Until now we could see numeric results but nothing that would enable us to follow up and call the companies that are finding our website.

Introducing Fastbase Webleads

Fastbase is an add-on to Google Analytics, that will deliver detailed contact information on all your website visitors providing decisive information to boost your lead-generation and website optimization.

You can obtain information like:

  • Company
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Website
  • Industry
  • Turnover
  • Social network
  • Contact person


Each time you sign into your account, your Webleads will be updated in real-time. Each identified website lead includes business contact information, the pages visited, and how long the visitor spent on your site.

When you visit your dashboard you will be able to access:

1. Webleads: Webleads are verified businesses that contain key contact information, including information about employees, email addresses, and LinkedIn profiles.

2.  Hotleads: Hotleads are leads that have spent a lot of time on your website and have great purchasing power, these leads the most important to follow-up on.

3. Adwords Leads: If you run Adwords campaigns, you will see all your Ad leads here.

Another great feature includes ’email alerts’, making it easier for you to remember to utilise the tool and alerts you when there are new leads to follow up.

It takes very little time to get you started and receiving new leads straight away, the cost for this plugin will be just £20-£30 a month (dependant on traffic volume).

The Strategy Plus team can install it today, call us on 0121 638 0457 or email 

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