Get used to Skype & don’t insist on meeting in person


I was involved in two meetings this week, where a lot of time and cost was wasted. This was due to people not being familiar with Skype or any other online communication tool. One instance included a flight to and from Amsterdam for a 2-hour meeting and the other included 2 hours spent in traffic.

Don’t get me wrong, there are always times when meeting in person is better and most of my external meetings are in person. However when you have the ability to talk to someone, see their facial expressions and share everything you need on screen, then Skype surely does away with a lot of needless time and cost.

This is not me being lazy, but me wanting to spend more time being productive for clients rather than sitting in traffic. I find relationships with clients that embrace Skype are far more productive. Largely due to the fact that we can meet “face to face” more often.

The productivity gap in the UK has never been worse, with it being 18% less than those in the G7.

I equate the insistence of meeting in person with sending cheques for £32 in the post with handwritten compliment slips. Taking 2 hours travel time for a one hour meeting is just as wasteful as taking 10 minutes to write a cheque, the slip and envelope for a cheque that then takes 2 days to post and 5 days to clear.

When will these old habits die?

Get used to Skype & don't insist on meeting in person 1

Get used to Skype & don't insist on meeting in person 2
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