Google Keyword Tool is Dead!

Google Keyword Tool is Dead!

Some of you may or may not be bothered about this but many people used Google’s keyword tool to research the search volumes for particular search terms. The tool itself was created by Google to encourage people to use Google Ads, as its shows the potential traffic out there. However, a lot of people just used it to see which search terms and keywords they should be optimising their sites for.

Google Keyword Tool is Dead! 3

Google has replaced Keyword Tool with Keyword Planner and it has not got a good response from users to begin with.

Now, however, using Keyword Planner is at the basis of both organic and paid advertising. With Keyword Planner you can see the monthly search volumes of certain keywords and get new ideas. This is a particularly useful tool when planning your SEO strategy. Knowing how many people look for certain keywords every month will allow you to have a more complete and relevant list of keywords that you can optimise your site with.

It can also target search terms for specific locations, languages and search engines, meaning your group of keyword data will be specific to your desired audience.  Another great positive tool in Keyword Planner is that you can also target search terms according to negative keywords. Selecting negative keywords means your ad won’t be triggered by them, improving the relevancy of your add and leading to more return on investment.

Keyword planner also allows you to see how competitive your keywords are, particularly useful tool when deciding the budget and prioritisation of your ads. As well as showing you the competitiveness of certain terms, Keyword Planner also allows you to see how much average traffic your keywords could generate, which is particularly useful when deciding where to start your bidding.

As you can see, the 2013 move from Keyword Tool to Keyword Planner was not necessarily as bad as many in the field thought it would be. Keyword Planner has a lot to offer and it is a key instrument for any SEO and paid advertising strategy.