How to improve your organic reach on Facebook

How to improve your organic reach on Facebook

Are you looking for more effective ways to reach your Facebook audience? Or have you seen a decrease in your total organic reach?

To see your organic traffic on Facebook you go in to page insights and then click on to the post tab, this will allow you to see your performance for the past month, you can edit this to see more months or just a few weeks. If you see your average reach is decreasing or wish to improve the results there are several ways to improve your Facebook organic reach with the content and time you post.

  1. Interesting content

The lifespan of your post on social media can depend on several factors, such as how useful or interesting it is. However, a post can have a long lifespan as it could be an old post which your Facebook friends have liked recently which then shows up on your newsfeed. So when posting on Facebook ensure it is content that could stay relevant for long periods of time.

  1. Quality over Quantity

The majority of people do not see all posts on their newsfeed just a selected amount,

So you don’t need to constantly post on Facebook, you just need to post content at the right time so it reaches a large number of people. 1-2 posts of relevant content per day is a good number for businesses on Facebook.

However, you need to figure it out in terms of your business as to how many posts you should do daily.

  1. Targeting the right audience

Facebook allows you to target specific audiences. Organic targeting allows you to segment between age, gender, relationship status, location, education level, language and interests. Segmenting to target specific groups of people can increase your engagement rate.

Only the people who are likely to be interested in your post will see it on their timeline, the engagement therefore will be higher than it would be when posting it to all followers.

  1. Off-Peak Hours

It is important to choose the right times to post so the chances of it getting seen are higher, the best time to post is usually around 3pm, but it depends on when your audience is online. You can check this through insights on Facebook to see when most of your connections are online.

  1. Choose the right type of content

Facebook users typically prefer videos and links, however text only status updates also perform very well. Again, this could vary depending on your target audience check your Facebook insights to see what type of content they prefer.


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