To Lace? Or Not To Lace?

What do you do when you see an elderly man struggle to tie his shoelace in the grocery store you work at?
Do you walk by without offering your help only feeling a pang of guilt? Or do you go over and aid the man?

For Publix employee, Gage Boucher, the latter was the way forward.

This selfless act of kindness became an internet sensation when Keith Kiel spotted Boucher assisting an elderly customer tie his shoe, in a Publix grocery store in Ormond Beach, Florida.
Kiel felt that the rare act of public kindness, from a stranger, deserved some recognition, so he snapped a picture of it happening and shared it to his Facebook page and the Publix page.


The picture received the recognition it deserved, gathering nearly 200, 000 likes and over 15, 000 shares in the first few days, when it was posted.

The local news took notice too, and in an interview with My News 13, Gage Boucher divulged in his random act of good will: “I looked over and he was going to do it, and I just asked him to do it. I did his one shoe and I did the other. He was trying to give me money — in the picture you can see he’s got his wallet and I said ‘don’t worry about it. I’ll just do it.”

Boucher also added that he hopes his story will inspire others to act with such kindness towards strangers.

Has this caused you to rethink your helpfulness towards others?
If you knew that the simple act of tying an elderly man’s shoe laces would make you go viral, would you have helped?

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