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Magento is an open-source content management system for e-commerce websites – This web design system is ideal for Small to Large Businesses

Magento offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions designed to help you grow and succeed online. Our cost-effective technology platform makes it possible for you to control content and easily add more functionality through the use of extensions.

At Strategy Plus we have always believed that any business should have an efficient and cost-effective eCommerce capability that allows them to trade with confidence. With that in mind, we can provide a feature-rich, open source solution that addresses a vast range of retail need and budgets. Contact us for more information on the use and optimisation of Magento in and out of Birmingham.

Here are some of the most successful features of the Magento ecommerce platform that Strategy Plus can offer:

  • Strategy Plus use Magento Community Edition for Small businesses and this offers the most proven, robust, and scalable ecommerce development platform for a merchant’s online business.
  • Likewise, it offers a never-ending list of time-tested plug-in modules to address most online marketing challenges from back office ERP system integration to social marketing solutions.
  • As an open-source online shopping cart and ecommerce development platform, Magento Community Edition also allows Strategy Plus to integrate our own custom code to the platform when we can’t find an adequate 3rd party Magento Connect module from the network of thousands of pre-developed ones.
  • Most importantly, the Magento Community Edition over the last decade has built up a long and impressive list of online checkout, product display, onsite search and more to ensure that their platforms remain on the short list of any online merchant that is seriously exploring the future of their online ecommerce technology.

Affordable eCommerce without limits

By putting the power of Magento in the hands of small businesses alongside the design development and deployment skills of Strategy Plus – trading since 1997 – you can be confident that you this will provide you with the products, tools and services you need to succeed online.

Strategy Plus has the tools, resources, and information you’ll need to help your eCommerce capabilities keep pace with your growing business, from professional design to powerful marketing and SEO tools to detailed reporting and analytics.

Magento enables us to explore its power and provide tailored, bespoke ecommerce campaigns that exceed your expectations

In the 24/7 world of ecommerce, customer engagements are more important than ever before. With almost endless product choices and shopping experiences vying for consumer attention, Magento helps to cut through the noise and create emotional connections that drive advertising and repeat sales.

Premier Diamonds Case Study

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Online Pharmacy Case Study

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