Maintaining a healthy email marketing list

Maintaining a healthy email marketing list

Maintaining a healthy email marketing list is as important as building it up and gaining the contacts.

Listed below are a selection of practices that will aid you in keeping your email marketing list clean. Bear in mind that the steps work most effectively with online email marketing tools like Mail Chimp etc.

Rid the useless

Beginning with the easiest step, you should sift through your list and sort the non-existent addresses and other bounced or blocked emails.
Any of these can then be relocated to a ‘do not mail’ list.
The tool you are using for your email marketing should have an easy way of locating, and removing, bounced emails from your list.
However, be mindful of bounced emails that may have done so because of a full inbox.


If you’re sending out emails and some of them have yet to be opened a few months later, it’s an indicator to part with them.
If you are paying for a marketing plan, that may be based on the number of contacts your possess, you won’t want to continue paying to keep these addresses on your list.
An idea would be creating a list named after the month and adding those who opened the emails your business sent out in that month to it.


Ensure to keep track of the new emails added to your list by dating the additions.
Once the list is older than 6 months, you can proceed to remove them. If contacts from that list continue to open your campaigns and have done so within the past few months, they will remain on your overall email marketing list.

Remove distribution emails

There will be some email addresses that are utilised for sending out campaigns to multiple people or are aliases for other existing emails.
These would best be removed from your list, along with generic terms such as info@, mail@, sales@ etc.

After you’ve tidied up your list you can continue to let it flourish as you add others contacts.

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