Make email marketing stand out on mobile devices

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Sending out an email marketing campaign, a business would initially imagine the email being accessed via their computers and laptops, through their inbox, however, recent data has confirmed that 65% of emails are presently being opened on smartphones and tablets.


If your business targets consumers who are less likely to be seated at a desktop or laptop while opening emails.
These particular consumers are more receptive to emails as they will be more active on their mobile devices while mobile, travelling to and from work or while seated when they are waiting on lunch etc.

These are a few tips that could assist your business’s reach towards your targeted customer base:

Think mobile

It was a common thing to send out emails, and offer a mobile-friendly link, leading the email to be more compatible with the device it is being viewed on.
Today, a majority of email marketing campaigns are thinking about mobiles prior to sending them out.
There is software available that can help optimise the layout of an email, and ensure that the text and images on the email are the correct resolutions, and they fit the user’s screen.

Test it

Before you hit the send button, make a note to test it on different devices.
A tool like MailChimp allows you to test your emails, and make sure they’ll arrive in users’ inboxes.
As campaigns are fired off, record the results for future references, regarding any tweaking that may have to be undertaken.

Stay simple

The temptation to bombard your campaign with endless information and colourful images will be there as you’ll want to present as much information about yourself and the product you are marketing.
Always bear in mind the size of the screen your campaign is being deployed to; the message should be clear and concise in order to grab and maintain the consumer’s attention, and essentially lead them to purchase the product, your message will also require a unique call to action.

Keep in mind the subject line

Rifling through an inbox full of emails on a mobile device, names and subject lines are going to be the most dominant feature, and of course, that will determine whether an email is opened or ignored.
Word your subject line so that it will peak the particular customer’s interest, email marketing tool Hubspot is a great way of utilising your customer segmentation, in order to create customised campaigns.

Easily navigated

The email must be easily navigated, and easy to read or scan if the consumer is distracted; it should be scrollable and visible from arm’s length.
It’s effective to consider the email from a consumer’s perspective and ask yourself, how easy is it to find the call to action? Is there too much information? Is it easily readable?
Another thing to consider would be the ‘unsubscribe’ link, making sure it is a distance away from other buttons as a consumer may accidently click on it rather than their desired button.

Email marketing campaigns are in demand to be mobile friendly, enabling your business to increase its accessibility meaning more of a chance to boost the success of your business.
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