Maximise online sales this Valentine’s Day

Sales & discounts could affect your eCommerce brand

Maximise online sales this Valentine's Day 1

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the celebration promises to be one of the biggest shopping seasons around the globe.

Retailers that are focused on this particular time of the year are having to pick up the pace with online reductions for the preparation of the buying season.

The average customer will be spending across an array of categories; jewellery, perfume, chocolates. novelties and items of clothing will be among them, along with a hefty number of pet owners purchasing gifts for their furry friends.

There has been an expectancy of approximately 40% of purchases will be made via mobile or tablet, prompting retailers relying heavily on eCommerce to ready themselves, and their mobile site, for the traffic.
Customers will require a fast site that enhances the look and appeal of products, as well as a smooth process when checking out.

CEO of MartMobi, Satya Ganni, said: “To many merchants who sell products in romantic categories, this is going to be the biggest time of the year – probably even bigger than the holiday season.

Below are five things that online retailers can do to boost their Valentine’s Day sales:

SEO – Online retailers should be maximising their SEO profiles regularly, even more so for searches customers make using key terms that link with their Valentine’s sales – ‘gift ideas’, ‘nearby florist’ etc.

Share – The option to share is a convenient tool, customers are able to share what they like on social media, thus improving a brand’s visibility.

Recommend – Recommendations that pop up when a customer visits the landing page will most likely increase traffic to the featured products and increase sales.

Infrastructure – Customers that are shopping via mobile will be impatient, therefore, expectant of pages to load quickly; it may drive your customers to another, responsive site.

Notifications – Push notifications, similar to recommendations, will guide where you want your shoppers to go – mainly to discounts and related context to their Valentine’s requirements.

Generate more sales this Valentine’s Day by following the above steps, discounts and offers are also important elements that will draw in shoppers.
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Maximise online sales this Valentine's Day 2
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