Online marketing can trigger offline sales

Online marketing can trigger offline sales

Online marketing is frequently misunderstood, a majority of business owners believe the strategy is strict to online businesses.

In fact, online marketing has a direct influence on in-store sales. A recent study concluded this with the results of almost 92% of purchases offline were followed by online consumer activity.

Using the correct online marketing strategy can place your products in front of customers and prospects while they are searching for the product they would like to buy. This will capture the consumers attention and essentially drive them to your store.

Below are some tips to help your business’s in store sales increase through the use of online marketing:

Understanding the customer

By collecting and analysing data from your customer, you will be able to determine your key audience segments; behaviours, demographics and preferences.

This data can be collected from a variety of sources including social networks, search systems and third parties.

Analysing the data will aid your business in highlighting the engagement that you have and/or don’t have with your customers. Thus, helping with the development of targeted campaigns around user behaviour, the content that will have the best results and, most importantly, where your audience chooses to interact.

Build your brand online

Your offline popularity should be a true reflection of your online presence which is why it is important to focus on building your brand online.
This can be done through social media networks in order to draw in the brand’s originality.

If a brand does this, they must bear in mind to be consistent across all of the platforms they advertise their brand on, both online and offline so to gain and keep the trust of customers.

Create a brand community

A brand community will be the base for increasing your reputation. By building a solid community for a brand, they will be utilising the social space.

Discussions can take place on the brand’s most recent products, prospective launches, engage with customers by asking what their favourite product is.

The key to building a brand community is to acquire an honest voice and truly willing to interact with consumers.

Boost your in-store tech experiences

Developments in technology have lead to the expectancy of nearly everything being tech-assisted. It has altered the way purchases are made, thus your offline store should be advocating the changes so to meet their customer’s expectations.

In-store technology, like price-comparison apps, has the ability to connect customers online and offline experiences with a brand.

Online customer relations management

Customer feedback should be covered across all platforms including, phone, email, social media etc.

Customers will share their experience and opinion on a particular product/brand on social networking sites.
A business can monitor any reviews that may arise relevant to their product and respond to users.

There are review websites available that are a brilliant wat of recognising your most loyal customers and rewarding them, along with dealing with any problems.

Online efforts will benefit offline sales only if a business remembers their online users are their real life customers and they have jus as much impact on a business as those in-store.

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