Online Startups: 5 Marketing Musts

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Starting up is often a trying task, being suffocated with responsibilities and the amount of time that certain projects and elements need to be completed by creates a difficulty that online start-ups dread.

Online startups need to market and here are five musts that all online startups should possess:

Web design

Your web design is the foundation of your business.
It needs to reach out to the consumer and make them want to buy from you, it’s a means of gaining more reach to obtain sales.
Your brand’s message should be evident in your design; it should be clear and focused, so the consumer is able to convey as much about your brand in first entering your web page, without having to read to much text.

The design is a startup’s face into the marketing world, so it should be thought of carefully.

Social presence

Ensure that you set up social media pages on all of the relevant networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
By doing this, you’re accessing a wider reach and will be able to respond to consumer queries, also you are essentially building a brand personality by interacting with your customers.
Social network pages give you a little le-way in order for you to get a little creative with your brand and have more fun.

See our social media guide, here.


Content is at the heart of marketing and must be produced by companies.
Utilising user-generated content (UGC) is one of the best means of powering the content on your website.

Although startups have been seen to fail due to lack of content because the business has nothing to talk about, the contrary of creating a constant stream of content is the fuel that is needed for a startup to progress.

Quick responses

There are many reasons why this is a vital step for any startup: it reflects a certain passion for the success of the business and implies that a company has the time for its consumers.

A startup should be customer focused. If emails and messages on their social media websites begin to stack up, they are compromising their reputation in the early stages.

A study conducted on the times brands respond to queries concluded that if a brand responds between 0-2 hours:

– 34% are likely to purchase more from the company
– 43% are likely to recommend the products/business to family and friends
– 38% are more receptive to their advertisements
– 42% are willing to praise/recommend the brand on the social media pages

A killer USP

Creating a unique selling proposition is what is going to drive consumers to your website.
Having a good USP could be the difference between your current status and what can be achieved because of your USP not making a big enough impact on clients and prospective customers.

For more information on creating a killer USP, click here.

Startups are difficult, but these 5 musts should make it a little less of a task.
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