What makes the perfect Blog Title?


It’s one thing to write brilliant content however, it’s another to have it read and ranked. Titles are vital for the entire blog as they are what sells the content, representing it in search engines, emails and on social media. Below we have compiled a few tips and tricks to help you find the perfect blog title every time.

Begin with a working title

Prior to creating the perfect blog title, begin with a rough, working title.

Many people will confuse working titles with topics – topics are mostly very general and could cover a variety of blog posts. For example, these topics: ‘raising healthy children’ and ‘kitchen storage’ could be interpreted very differently.

A working title would specifically refer to the post, guiding the creation of a single blog post.


Staying accurate is critical when deciding on an appropriate blog title as it sets a clear path for your readers to follow and expect. A long title that squeezes the entire article in won’t be too appealing to readers.

Your first move will be choosing a title that accurately reflects the content that will follow.
Remember this: the most important rule of titles is to respect the reader experience. If you do set high expectations for your reader in your title, you will need to be consistent with that title. Clickbait is everywhere, thus it is vital to serve your audience by accurately describing the piece inside.

Regarding titles, it’s better to under promise than over-deliver, so choose an accurate title over a compelling title.

Have fun

Have fun with your titles; you can introduce alliteration and use strong language which would make more appealing to read, along with strong phrases but should be used in moderation.

However, all of this would be based on understanding your buyer persona – you would need to find a language that resonates with them.


Try to optimise your titles for your search however, clarity should be your primary goal. While keywords are significant, it’s more valuable to have a headline that is clicked and shared more often thus having more of an impact on its ranking in search engine results.

Keep it short

Considering your title can be lengthy if preferred, it is more appealing to have a shorter title. Although this does depend on what your goals are and where your headline will be appearing.
Ensure to keep your title under 65 characters so it does not get cut off in the search engine results.
If you are trying to optimise your title for social sharing you will need to keep your characters under 117 to make it tweetable.

If you’d like more information and tips for your website and its perfect blog title, get in touch.
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