Social media fixes that you can implement right (wait for it)… Now

Social media fixes

You’ll already know the importance of maintaining a strong social media presence for your brand or business. While social media platforms may not lead directly to conversions for your business, they are crucial for raising awareness and allowing for direct contact with your customers.

You’ll also know that scheduling updates and managing your social channels takes time. But before even thinking about content, many businesses need to ensure that their social profiles are optimised properly and completed fully.

This doesn’t have to take too much time. We’ve put together this checklist that you can use to guide you through the process of giving your social profiles a much-needed health check…

A painless social media optimisation checklist

Get the basics right first. Follow these quick-and-easy pointers to optimise your Facebook page, Twitter profile and LinkedIn company page, ready for implementing your content marketing strategy…

facebook profile optimisation

The ‘about’ section of your business’ Facebook page is the ideal place to optimise your content in relation to your customers wants and needs. Some of these simple fixes are really straight-forward, and worth checking before you start posting regular updates…

  • Is your business categorised correctly and are you making use of subcategories?
  • Have you claimed your shortened, branded Facebook URL?
  • Are your address details correct and consistent across channels?
  • Do you short and long descriptions contain your keywords and key phrases?

When it comes to your main Facebook page, there are a few more questions to ask yourself…

  • Does your profile contain both a clear logo and header image?
  • Have you incorporated a relevant call-to-action button?
  • Can you put together a video to display prominently on your page?

twitter profile optimisation

Before getting started with posting updates, following prominent tweeters, and engaging in discussion, it’s worth thinking about the following questions…

  • Have you utilised a bold and striking header image?
  • Have you replaced the infamous egg with a branded profile photo?
  • Does your short description contain the kinds of keywords that your customers are likely to use to find you?
  • Have you included a link back to your website?
  • Have you considered changing the colour of your theme to match your businesses branding?
  • Have you made use of a pinned tweet?

linkedin company page optimisation

LinkedIn is a crucial marketing platform for B2B, but you’ll need to ask yourself these questions before taking the next step…

  • Have you created a compelling yet descriptive introduction to your company page?
  • Does your page contain keywords?
  • Have you linked back to your website?
  • Are your address details correct?
  • Have you included engaging images?
  • Have you asked all your employees to follow the company page?

After implementing these easy fixes, you are ready for the next stage – planning, producing, scheduling and posting content to social media channels. Unfortunately, there are no easy fixes for building your audience and creating engagement. But you can outsource your social media management and marketing – contact us today to see how we can help you do this.

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