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Content Marketing

Content is key, so how can you make the best of it?

Content is the be all and end all in the online world. Google has long put content as its main target when operating website crawls, and the more content, the more visibility. Content is used to attracted readers around the globe, which in turn creates higher search engine rankings, audience engagement and increased levels of conversion from shopper to buyer. As we said, content marketing is the recipe to having a successful online presence, so what are the key ingredients?

Rule #1 – Educate

Content that teaches your audience is the building block of success for a successful marketing strategy. You audience need to know what your business is, what you do and why they should completely trust you to be a reliable source. Content that is designed around the basis of educating the audience can be a multitude of options, for example, “How To” guides, lists and many more. Infographics are a great medium to use as the audience will have something to share, engaging your content and genuinely finding your work useful.

Rule #2 – Inform

Content should be both informative and (most importantly) noteworthy. Content can be the deciding factor in whether somebody is an industry expert or not, mostly due to speed in which news is being shared through social networks and blogs amongst other information. Content quickly becomes old news (with the average tweet lasting 2 hours), so you must have your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground to ensure maximum coverage.

Rule #3 – Entertain

Content can come in many forms, so utilising the entertainment medium of video, audio and animation can be more powerful beyond your wildest dreams, but you MUST make it enjoyable for the audience. Content that teaches the audience whilst making them laugh has proven to be a winning formula time and time again, so this is the sort of information you want to target. Humour reaches out to everybody, take advantage of it.

Rule #4 – Inspire

Content that is designed to educate, entertain or inform is most commonly found in the middle of any successful content strategy, yet one objective that is usually overlooked is providing inspiration to your viewers/listeners. Content that can provide the audience with inspiration is useful in many different ways. Whether you’re teaching them of someone overcoming troubles or you’re showcasing the achievements of others in similar situations, content is the start of the journey and it sticks with you until the very end. It’s needed for a successful online marketing strategy – having great content is easy to market to audiences and will lead to increased levels of online visibility. Use this to your advantage.

Do you have the recipe for content success? We do 1
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