SEO – Content is King!

SEO content is king

For a long time now Google has been telling us all that content is key to improving your website ranking in its search engine. To be honest, up until the latest algorithm changes this hasn’t necessarily been the case. We still found that websites were doing well with straightforward SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing and placement. However, since the introduction of the hummingbird algorithm, we have noticed a big change in ranking performance.

The websites with very basic thin content purely containing keywords have dropped and lengthy articles about a subject matter have jumped. for example an SEO client of strategy plus have found themselves number 3 nationally for the search term steel fire escapes even though this search term is only mentioned in one blog article. The rest of the site has nothing to do with it, but because we created a good quality article about the subject they are now on page 1.

Please be aware that you cannot just search articles on your search terms and then copy the content, Google knows whether your content is the same or similar to the original article. you can test this by going to and entering your page. this will then show results for pages with copied content. Google will not only give you zero points for copying content but they can now penalise you.

Copied content is a standard problem with eCommerce sites as most product descriptions are taken from the supplier. this supplier will be providing the same info to all your competitors. This means you have to spend time developing the product descriptions yourself to ensure great point scoring with Google.

To cut a long story short, the key to SEO is now content which means a lot more time, effort and creativity is needed to achieve success!

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