Smarter Facebook ads

Smarter Facebook ads

Facebook has recently announced a set of tools, Product Ads, that allows a more effective method for businesses to reach the social network’s 1.4 billion users.

Product Ads is beneficial for businesses that promote their product catalogues on Facebook as they can now manually create ad campaigns.
However, you could always opt for the other option and give Facebook the reigns – it will automatically create your ads campaign and along with it, will target a variety of users with the ads it believes will perform well, selecting the users based on their interests, general location and whether they’ve visited said advertiser’s website or visited the app.

Manual ads permit businesses to promote a number of products at once.
Ads that were once static now act as a sort of digital carousel of content, advertising up to five product images that rotate through the post.

It is possible that Product Ads could prove useful to businesses that have inventories of attractive products: clothing franchises, furniture chains etc. It’s is a potential win for Facebook also, as it gains the most of its increasing revenue through advertisements on desktop and mobile.

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