Five Social Media Marketing Tips For Black Friday Success

Five Social Media Marketing Tips For Black Friday Success

As mentioned in our previous post, Black Friday is an important date in the e-commerce calendar; for both consumers and retailers. So we thought we would put together a selection of social media tips that will ensure that you take advantage of one of the biggest commercial weekends of the year.

Start Early

In the lead up to Black Friday, build up anticipation by making consumers aware of your sales in advance. Every business and industry is unique and will differ in the exact timing of their message. Use analytics from the year before to make a plan that allows you to achieve your Black Friday goals. It’s good practice to give short glimpses to make consumers aware that they should look out for your offers.

Custom Hashtag

Many businesses will be using the #BlackFriday hashtag but be unique and create a custom hashtag for your business. Make sure to include this in any email campaigns and on social media, so consumers know to also include it. It will allow you to engage with customers easily and allow for others to see what others have brought. You could also use the custom hashtag as a way of promoting a photo contest, with the winner receiving something from your business.

Know your Audience

Each one of your social media platforms may have a different demographic, so make sure you cater to that. You may be sharing the same discounts and offers but your tone may differ slightly to suit a particular audience.


Learn from big businesses and competitors. See what is working for them and adapt it to your business. Of course, you would use your past social media campaigns to learn from too but looking at competitors allows you do identify the best practices for your industry.


It is also good practice to ensure that you are active on social media for the whole of the Cyber Weekend and are responding to customers promptly. This will make sure that customers remain aware of the offers you have in place. But try to do this without completely annoying your followers, it’s all about balance.

A couple more social media marketing tips

  • Use Facebook Ads
  • Use the hashtags – #BlackFriday & #CyberMonday
  • Publish high-quality images on Instagram
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