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Infographics have seen a huge rise recently and now play a big part in SEO, generating the most back links than any other content that is published. If done correctly, infographics can influence your rankings, so you don’t have to be an SEO expert to create inbound leads.

Infographics can be complex to make and take a lot of time, energy and effort. Below, are some tips to help you create great infographics:

Look around

Wanting your infographic to stand out amongst a sea of images with text is one thing, but actually making it stand out is another. Ensure to take a look around to you are aware of what has been done and what can be done and if there are any designs that you think fit with your business.

Somewhere to look for inspiration is Pinterest, for infographics and near enough anything else.

Below, is an example of an infographic we have created of top 10 tips conversion methods:

top10 conversionsWhen sifting through infographics, ask yourself which of them sends off a powerful message and engages the users to comment and share? Do they have sufficient information? Do they provoke users to take action and is it easy for them to do so?


The foundation of your infographic is an idea, thus why it is necessary to brainstorm and come up with a spectacular idea that is the right one. Often, the most commonly used, no doubt one of the most effective techniques is using analogies.

Prior to creating the infographic, you will need to establish the purpose – will it be funny, surprising, or serious? Note that your primary aim is to inspire your audience and simultaneously educate them.

Relevant data

The data that is included should be relevant to your message, unique and interesting to your target audience, otherwise, your infographic will be saturated with facts that can be learnt elsewhere. It is important to ensure that your sources are reputable and all of the provided information is accurate.

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Be sure to credit your sources, as seen above.


Keep your style clear, simple and consistent, meaning, do not overload on a different number of fonts and writing styles – stick to one style for your visual media and adapt your colour scheme, if you have one.

Infographics are brilliant for your SEO advances, they’re visual, engaging and informative, which is enough to draw in your target audience.

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