Tips for creating engaging company updates on LinkedIn

Creating engaging content

LinkedIn is an incredible place to network and market your business and skills.

However, you may come to a standstill when you ask yourself: what will be my audience like to see? What content is compelling?

Well, you need wonder no longer as we have a solution!… Or two.

Continue reading to see tips on how to creating engaging company updates on LinkedIn, note that these could potentially be applied to both personal and business pages.

Think… headlines

Make them bold. Make them snappy. Put yourself in the shoes of a journalist and embrace the lead of your content, rather than hide it.

Think… clear call to action

Studies show that updates containing links could potentially drive 2x the engagement.

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Have you seen the SEO pyramid?

Think… audience involvement

Always try and include your audience in your updates by asking appropriate questions, thus you are taking the initial step of interaction and engaging with them.

Think… visual

Content rich updates may get the message across, but they could be a bit of an eye sore for your target audience. It’s important to include relevant images or a form of rich media to break up the writing. Bonus, they frequently generate a 98% higher comment rate.

Think… double checking

Any time that you are linking to external content, ensure that each update has a relevant image, also, that it works.

Think… food?

Yes, we know it sounds rather strange but picture your content as being consumable. You will want to provide content that is quick to consume, as well as being of the highest quality thus leading your audience to sharing.

Think… experimental

It is always valuable to test and experiment with your posts to see what works best with your audience. Think about the balance of post and blend information with entertainment etc.

Think… responses

We cannot stress enough how vital it is to not only involve your audience in post but to respond and engage with them if they comment or query certain posts. Ensure you have a plan in place to handle a variety of customer service issues that could arise so you deal with it in an appropriate manner.

Think… analysing

You will want to monitor the content that you post and develop it. Track the available analytics and pay attention to what is going out, the time of day, different levels of engagement that is received and what is gaining the most interaction – this is what you will want to produce more of.

Think… sponsors

Sponsoring your most valued updates on LinkedIn will offer you that extra reach beyond your followers. LinkedIn also has reporting tools that can by all means be utilised, there you will be able to analyse the performance of your sponsors and make any necessary amendments.

Think… extra hours

It may not sound appealing but many businessmen and women will be engaging with your sponsors across a range of devices, not only in the week, but on the weekend also. Responding isn’t likely to take up a lot of time and it will be worthwhile to consider this particular approach!

LinkedIn, among other social platforms, are key to increasing engagement with your audience. Social Media Marketing is our solution to manage all of your social profiles and, ultimately, build your customer base.

Tips for creating engaging company updates on LinkedIn 2
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