Top 10 Website Conversion Tips

The realistic chance of making an eCommerce website succeed

The purpose of the vast majority of business websites is to bring about some kind of the desired action such as call, email, buy, book etc. Every time one of these actions or goals are achieved then this is a conversion. It’s no good seeing the traffic through to your website increase but the number of goals remaining the same.

Here are 10 simple tips to increase your conversion rate.

  1. The 3 Second Rule

In just a few seconds you need to tell the user who you are, what you do, who you do it for and why to choose you. Most of this can be achieved through imagery and key easy- to- read messages.

  1. The Buying Process

Most users on your site will be at one of the following two points within the buying process, Consideration or Decision. Ensure you have content on each page delivering such information. For example, consideration content should be informative content on the product of service. Decision-making content would be key messages as to why they should use you for that product or service.

  1. A Compelling Headline

Typically 80% of people will read the headline but only 20% actually read the article. You need to increase this by making the headline highlight the benefits of reading the article and relating it to the user’s interests or concerns.

  1. An image is worth a thousand words

Naturally, people will look at images first and assume a huge amount of information from just one image. Make sure the image is not just good quality but reflects the user and their aspirations or concerns.

  1. Give reasons why to trust you

If you are trying to gain new business from your website, there is a huge element of trust as these leads will have never met you or any of your colleagues. Try and give the user confidence in your business by highlighting trust signals such as how many years experience, testimonials on every page, logos of governing bodies, logos of clients, case studies etc.

  1. Real info, not sales hype

Don’t just tell people you are the best at what you do, provide actual stats on your performance, customer feedback etc people can see past old-school sales claims.

  1. Call to Actions

These are essential to bring about the desired action, it could be as simple as a telephone number, email address, buy now button etc. They need to be well designed so that they stand out and encourage the user to carry the action out before they can think about it.

  1. Content Positioning

A web page length can be as long as you like but the screen used by the user may only be the length of an A4 sheet of paper. It’s no good having all your key messages call to action etc ‘below the fold’ (out of screenshot).

  1. Make it as interactive and useful as possible

The aim to is to get the user to stay on your site as long as possible so that they run out of time to go to your competitors.Therefore add useful elements to the site that encourage people to stay longer on your site such as videos, quotation form, useful articles etc

  1. Data Capture

The vast majority of people visiting your site will buy your product or service at some point but probably not now. They just aren’t ready yet. So rather than ignoring them until they are ready, why don’t you capture their data so that you can stay in contact until they are ready to buy?

A simple example of this is to offer a free useful download document in exchange for their email address. Once they agree to this you can then follow up with a relevant email the following week and month, until they are ready to buy. This will mean that they will choose you because you are in the front of their mind and have been helpful.

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