The advantages of having a Tumblr account

The advantages of having a Tumblr account

Of all the social media platforms your brand can utilise, Tumblr isn’t one that will cross your mind.
However, it may be something to consider as its growth in popularity as more celebrities are taking to it mean that more consumers are going to be focusing on the social networking site.

It isn’t just a social network

Like Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr allows you to post status updates and share photos, but Tumblr also offers up other choices of content to share with it’s specified options.
The likes of text posts, links, photos, videos and audio posts each have their own link and can be shared – could we call that niche posting?
Tumblr also lets you ‘reblog’ posts, similar to ‘retweeting’ on Twitter and ‘sharing’ on Facebook; you can share the post with your followers, adding comments if you’d like, or leave it as it is.

It’s customisable

Tumblr hands over the reins when it comes to customising your blog, offering free theme options and advanced settings to add ‘ask me’ links onto your blog page, which would come in handy if any of your followers have an queries they’d like you to answer.
The answers to their questions can be sent directly back to the asker, but if you find that this question is a commonly asked one, you can share the question and answer to your blog, enabling your followers to view it and maybe gain some insight themselves.
The customisation available doesn’t stretch as far as the dashboard but that isn’t the important bit.
By being able to customise your blog, you’re giving your brand a personality – it’s a great way of expressing your brand and your brand’s mission, you will instill a sense of trust to your followers as they will be able to see there is more to your brand than just the sales of products.

Unique tagging system

The Tumblr tagging system is unique as it allows full sentences with spaces, unlike Twitter and Facebook.
Tags can also be saved in a drop-down list, which will bear useful for future posts about certain topics.
Tags are a great way of honing in your target audience, as they will also be using specific tags to find what they are looking for and ultimately, your blog will be the answer.

It’s a community

It’s considered a social networking site, although, amidst the users, Tumblr is more of a community.
It is named such because Tumblr users have made real friends across the world from using the social media site, having interacted with other users who share similar interests and hobbies etc.
This may seem irrelevant, but it means that Tumblr is offering the opportunity for your business to gain more reach, even on a global scale.

If you desire your business to have a Tumblr account it’s well worth considering the advantages the website offer.
By utilising its unique tagging system, you can connect with more people who will be interested in your brand.

Tumblr is a  brilliant way of advertising you brand.
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