UK SME’s turning to e-commerce

Ecommerce Revolution

The Fast 50, the world’s largest online jobs survey has revealed through the understanding of Job adverts that UK small businesses are rapidly developing e-commerce websites.

UK SME's turning to e-commerce 1

The survey of 280,000 online jobs found that SME businesses hiring experts to create an ecommerce site was up 19% in the first three months of 2013. The results reveal that British small businesses are moving online in order to become more competitive and signals even greater competition for high street retailers.


“Retail outlets are proving incapable of adjusting to a consumer base no longer geographically captive. Ecommerce is dominating the consumer retail landscape. It’s no surprise that big name retailers that haven’t kept up with the online shopping revolution are increasingly going bankrupt. These high street dinosaurs are unwilling to compete, and so will soon be consigned to retail history.”.
said Matt Barrie.
We strongly believe that it shouldn’t be an either-or situation when it comes to online and offline retailing, the two work best together. Considering the overheads for an online shop are so much less compared with a high street shop it seems hard to think some high street retailers are still not grasping the online opportunities with both hands. I spoke to an owner of a Jewellers the other day and asked whether they were selling online and he replied “oh no I wouldn’t want to go online, that’s not for me”, I then asked if the Jewellery Quarter was as busy as it used to be and he replied “Oh no its a ghost town compared to 10 years ago, everyone’s buying online”. It seems to me that some people are wary of ecommerce because they are unsure about what is involved and don’t want to approach the experts in case it costs them. I’m sure all Web Design/online marketing businesses like ourselves would be happy to answer any questions retailers have about possibly trading online. Click here for further information about ecommerce Websites.
The job market also reflects the growth in Social Media Marketing and which individual platforms are still growing. Forbes recently reported that Twitter had stomped Facebook in terms of selling ads on mobile devices. This trend is reflected in the Fast 50 – Twitter jobs grew 18% (from 2,232 jobs), while Facebook jobs fell 4% (from 6,569 jobs). If you don’t have the resources to employ somebody in-house just to manage your Social Media Campaigns then you may want to click here
UK SME's turning to e-commerce 2
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