Why you should update your old blog articles


You may be thinking….I haven’t got time to create new blogs, so why would I spend time updating old ones?

Well, you may be surprised when looking at your website’s analytics to find many of your old blogs to be generating most of your traffic. I mention this because we noticed that the 2nd most popular page on our website was a blog from 3 years ago, which was discussing drop shipping tips for eCommerce businesses.

If the blog is doing so well, why would you think about changing it?

Times Change – What might have been beneficial advice 3 years ago might not be now. You don’t want people to view an article, realise it’s no longer relevant and bounce out of your site. This will not only negatively affect your brand’s image, as a thought leader, but will also tell Google that people no longer like your article. Consequently, rankings will then plummet.

Tastes Change – The cool image you had showing the latest piece of tech, a few years later, will instantly tell people this blog is out dated and therefore may no longer be relevant.

Links Change -A good blog should also link to good resources, whether elsewhere in your site or externally. Over time this may result in these links disappearing, resulting in a poor link, which neither your reader or Google will enjoy. And don’t forget, you may have found new/better resources to point to since writing the article.

You Know More – Over time you will naturally gain more knowledge about the subject matter and maybe other related subjects that could add value to and depth to the blog.  What started as a a few hundred words, could become a few thousand over the space of a couple of years and become a leading piece on the subject.

Quality Rather Than Quantity -Although technology and trends change, most topics and questions remain the same. People are always after tips on increasing rankings, traffic followers etc. Therefore, you don’t need to create a new blog, just improve the existing one. Don’t dilute your website with average and out-of-date blogs, make sure you have nothing but insightful and accurate blogs. After all, this is what Google and your audience are looking for.

No doubt I will think of more reasons to update old blogs (there were just 3 in this article to begin with), and update this one in the future!

Thanks for reading and make sure to keep a look out for more of Dan’s blogs series.


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